I’ve got the blues





Anthro chignon dress, pindot tights/JCrew space-dyed cardigan/Stella & Dot scarf/Madewell the zipcode boot

When I was a young girl, I remember my mom having the habit of saving and preserving anything newly acquired. She would try and instill those same values in me but being the stubborn gal at times that I am, my tendencies led me to wear/use new said item right away and enjoy its “it” factor. Fast forward to current times and the same remains: I have to remind and gently press on to mom that it’s okay to use that new towel she bought or light that candle I gifted her. And as for myself, I don’t hold back in ripping off the tag of a new dress I purchased days ago and wear it out for a long day at work. If I leave it sitting there, in the basket of belts, clutches, and returns, it will be forgotten and I won’t revel in the joy it gave me when I first landed my eyes on it. This way, on me, I can take said dress out for a spin and remind myself throughout the day of living in the present.

**On a completely unrelated note 🙂 the Gators played and lost at the Allstate Sugarbowl last night. I was left sorely disappointed so in solidarity to my alma mater, I’m sporting a little orange and blue in hopes for a better upcoming season. Chomp chomp!

A NYC Birthday

Hello again and happy New Year to you!

I had meant to post about my short but fun birthday trip to New York City sooner than later, but between the holiday travel, days off, straight up vegging at home and at the movies, I’ve been taking full advantage of being in vacation mode. I’ve been to the city several times and with each visit I fall in love a little bit more. Its bustling energy, endless sidewalks, beautiful people and major attractions are temptations that always come to full effect when I’m there and leave me lingering for more. Each time we’ve gone we’ve always lodged in Manhattan, but I’ve always scoped out Brooklyn as a future location (if my dreams ever come true). I booked us a place in BedStuy via Airbnb to gain a more authentic experience in one of the boroughs. We drove up to DC early one morning and took Megabus up to the city. Free WiFi and the absence of having the responsibility of dodging traffic on the highway made this traveling option a real winner in my book, not to mention its inexpensive price tag. Landing at Penn Station in the late afternoon gave us a chance to explore the nearby restaurants and we settled on Mooncake Foods in Hell’s Kitchen. For the next few days we explored as much as we could while enduring the cold weather and introduced our palettes to Egg and Pies ‘N’ Thighs for breakfast in Williamsburg, Boka for Korean in East Village, Chikalicious and Puddin for delicious dessert, BLT for the burgers and shakes, and The Meatball Shop back in Brooklyn for the hearty ice cream sandwiches.We also went by Central Park, toured 30 Rock and the Rockefeller Center, and I had the great fortune and pleasure of meeting with Usha and Thea. Meeting blogger friends IRL has always been a delightful experience and I’m always amazed and fulfilled by our endless conversations 🙂

My time in the city as always, exceeded my expectations and sent me home satisfied with a fun-filled birthday and pondering on future plans for returning back for more. Below are a few captured moments.







DSCN4108 DSCN4116