Maxi time




Marshall’s score maxi dress/Anthropologie blurred watercolors infinity scarf, nubuck gladiator wedges/Free People necklace

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of bargain shopping. I don’t discriminate against a good sale (heavens no!) but I have a hard time perusing through multiple racks of clothes that have been grouped together in markdown fashion. Again, Anthropologie’s sale room is manageable – Forever 21 tends to send me over the edge. That’s why when I recently stopped in to Marshalls for some home goods, I surprised myself by exploring their clothing section. Another hesitation with these kinds of stores is that I don’t know which section I should be shopping in: Women’s feels too matronly and old, and Junior’s feels scandalous, so no real winners there! With a side of caution I ventured into the Junior’s section but only to peruse through items that weren’t sheer, torn, holed up, blasted in awkward pattern mixing, or pleather. And that is how I came upon this simple, no-fuss, black maxi dress.

Its jersey-cotton material is a dream for a Friday such as this one where I just want to transition into the weekend as seamlessly possible. 🙂 Happy weekend everyone!

** Also, can we discuss those comfy mint sandals above? I bought them a month ago and couldn’t wait for the warmer days to bust open the shoebox and bring them out to play. They’re such a comfortable, cheerful pair of wedges that have me excited about pairing them with all sorts of summer frocks.

Mixed prints & Shabby Apple giveaway winner




F21 tee/Anthro shifting buttons skirt, sparked agate collar/Clarks sky pocomo wedges

While drafting this post I had to do some investigative work on finding out the name of this skirt. It’s an oldie but a long-standing goodie, and as I looked over previous posts I realized that I’ve owned this buttoned midi for about 3 years. Now in my world? That’s a really long time for owning something because I feel like in the last few years my personal style preference has been all over the map. One time I’m all about lace, next thing you know lace is out and stripes are in (until I got the stripes & clover tee and it was all over). It’s this shifting process of staying tuned in to fashion, seasons, lifestyle, new style icons, budget, forgotten budget(!), and sometimes it’s really fun because I feel like I’m always evolving, and other times it can feel exhausting and end up confusing me even more on honing down my exact style. I’ve realized with time that it’s not fun trying to fit a circle into a square, and the thought of coming up with one descriptor for identifying how I dress myself everyday is (insert yawn) particularly boring in my book. I feel like with clothing I have a chance to reinvent myself everyday, express my mood and my levels of creativity. Sure, there are times when I’d love to be able to roll in to work with distressed jeans or try out my new jumpsuit, but that’s my current reality and I have to follow certain guidelines each morning as I stare at my closet.

Then again, clothes shouldn’t be such a head-scratcher, right? Does it really take 30 minutes to figure out how to dress oneself for the day (well been there and done that so no judgement here)? I guess what I’m getting at in this circuitous sort of way is that clothes are just that, clothes. And while some take them seriously and judge based on labels and price tags, what always worked for me is deciphering whether they still bring out the best physically and emotionally. Regardless of how long I’ve owned something or how I’ve worn it. Lately I’ve found myself going through my closet more critically, pulling out pieces that no longer fit my current version, and shopping more strategically for pieces that can multi-function if you will. By narrowing down the amount of items I own also helps to keep them in mind as I’m out shopping, cause it’s quite embarrasing to bring home an item only to realize that it goes with nothing in my closet, not to mention lifestyle. I’ve noticed that these small changes in my shopping habits have lead to wearing these new items multiple times, reaching for them often, and always feeling good in them. And the other great thing has been highlighting those “oldies” that have stood multiple closet purges as great examples on the importance of purchasing, timeless, quality goods.

And in other news, the winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway is Kristin, from Lovely Apidae!!!

Anthro dress reviews

After the Spring cleaning and closet purging all I’m looking forward to for the summer is easy, breezy dresses that are flattering, a no-brainer for styling, and most of all, comfortable. Although the warm weather is still aways (seriously? It’s May already) I am in high anticipation of bright summery days full of outdoor activities and awkwardly-placed tan lines.

With some new arrivals in our store I dove right in to the dress section and tried on a few beauties for size.



Aniko Lace Dress I wishlisted this dress soon after it appeared online because I was intrigued by the embroidery and the cheerful orange hue. The size 0 fit well to a little snug, so just to be sure I would size up because the chest area felt a little constricted. I appreciate the throwback appeal of the dress, reminding my of Anthro’s past feminine, dainty designs, but for my taste the dress felt a tad too folkloric and the orange hue, a tad too bright. Still a fan, just from afar 😉



Capsleeve Shift & Blurred Watercolors Infinity Scarf This blue dress was a last-minute gravitational pull as I headed for the dressing rooms. The simple design and bright blue colorway drew me in, considering it paired with limitless combos of scarves/necklaces/layering pieces. It felt like it could work great for a casual day out of running errands, or a little more dressed up for a conservative setting. It also seemed popular because I was only able to find a Small. Once on the dress still proved versatile, but something about the cut felt a bit ho-hum for my taste. The material is a sturdy cotton in a somewhat waffle imprint and the little buttons on the back were a nice touch, but I ultimately opted against it, unsure that it resonated with my style (thing about it is, it’s a day later and I’m still mulling over my decision for it feels like a great staple dress to have in my arsenal, yet something holds me back). I paired the dress with this cheerful little scarf that will be great for layering over simple tees on chilly summer nights.



No name dress – This dress was a brand-spanking new arrival, so much so it holds no name! It’s bright, cheerful, long, and has an added twist with two slits at the bottom that start a little above the knees. It’s a pull-on style so need to fuss with zippers or buttons, and comes fully lined. I tried on both an extra-small and small to note the differences and the dress runs true to size (the small provided unflattering gaping by the arm sleeves. It wasn’t quite my style but seems to be quite the popular number around my neck of the woods.



Macrame Day Dress I tend to act a little funny when it comes to black dresses, especially if they are maxi length. They feel a little too dramatic and goth (Morticia anyone?). But then I saw this dress impeccably styled here, and I was sold. Not sold as in I’m now wearing wedge sneakers with all my dresses sold, but like there was hope for a black maxi dress to escape the “depressed boho” comparisons. I had the chance to try both the small and extra-small and felt like I was swimming in the small, not to mention my undergarments were on full display if you checked things out from the side. The macrame detailing is wonderful and I love how much volume the dress provides. While rayon, the material feels like silk and the added bonus? Pockets!! I’m done here.

**Don’t forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveway here that ends tonight!