A few words on “growing” and a new wardrobe to soothe the adjustment

Since my last visit here I can positively confirm that I’ve been slowly and steadily growing. Think less metaphorically and more figuratively. As in getting rotund in certain areas and facing the facts that I will not have a chance to wear all those unworn sundresses and might as well give up the notion of dusting off my JCrew wool pencil skirts¬†that have¬†been tucked away in storage boxes. Pregnancy has been a brand new concept on various levels that continue to develop, and one of them happens to relate to the physical changes that may or may not take place. I’ve been fortunate in experiencing very seldom symptoms associated with the experience and for the first few months it was kind of fun figuring out how to accomodate a tiny growing bump. As of late, that tiny bump has transformed into a portruding belly that’s out there, for everyone to recognize. I just love it! It makes me smile every time I look down or bend over and feel the barrier preventing me from folding into a familiar position.

Shopping generally has its usual perks and I’m not one to shy away from the opportunity to update my wardrobe, but with my current status I want to be more careful in my selection since this life event is temporary. For as far as I can remember I’ve always been consisent with my sizing (more or less) so these last few months have been a novel experience of sorts, reaching for new sizes, exploring new styles, and the ever favorable (and oh so comfortable) full panel pants selection. Through trial and error I’ve figured out what items to invest in for the short-term, and what items can be reused post-pregnancy. One thing I’ve given up on is skirts. Anything A-lined, penciled, or too tight is a deterrent from commodity. Dresses on the other hand, have been a life saver. I’ve invested in a couple of stretchy numbers from ASOS that literally feel like I’m wearing leggings, and there’s some more loose-fitting, babydoll styles that have resurfaced from the ’90s version of style. I’ve stayed away from maternity labeled shirts and instead have opted for going up a size (or two) in layering tees from Anthro and blouses. Since we’re approaching cooler, toasty weather, chunky cardigans look to be promising on the horizon for layering over tops and dresses. And as for pants? I’ve purchased three pairs¬†of maternity jeans from H&M and have them in almost constant rotation. H&M delivers style, quality (most of the time), and best of all, price. Thank goodness that¬†shoes and purses have been consistent and there’s no need to update there ūüėČ

As I’ve slowly begun to create some form of new wardrobe for my growing self, I’ve surprising turned to and have found a great deal of gems from Anthro’s boho sis, Free People. Always thinking that their clothes were always too loose for my taste and frame, I’m now gravitating towards that extra¬†room provided. Below are a few¬†new acquisitions that have proven to be a versatile investment.

27002757_102_a¬†Free People¬†golden age top Although all the colors are a dream, I went for the seafoam green in my typical size. I love the open back because it means I can wear it “backwards” as a layering piece. It’s still a “me” piece that I can wear into Spring and Summer.

wonderland lace tunic Free People wonderland lace tunic I found this top on a rare excursion to a store and loved its simplicity infused with the detailed back. I went with a neutral color so that I can pair it with multiple pant colorways.

28818466_067_0¬†Free People new romantics sweet nothings dress The dangers of catalog covers. I saw this dress in the August edition and thought it would be a fun, standout dress that would work great with tights, booties, jackets and cardigans. I went up a size from my usual and the fit is spot on, with extra room for growth ūüėČ

cn6560333Free People city limits dress Equipped with a Piperlime promo code and gapcard rewards, I decided to take a chance on this dress due to its neutral tone and the tribal pattern on the neckline. Again, thinking in terms of layering, versatility with cardigans, tights and booties.

I hope this was a bit helpful on gathering ideas for those of you considering to become pregnant at some point in your future or for those currently sharing my new status. It took me a bit of time to come to terms with things that no longer fit and select a few new pieces that would complement my personal style as well as current growing tendencies. For those of you who’ve “been there, done that” I’d love to hear your suggestions on any particular pieces to invest in, or what maverick styling tricks worked while you were expecting.



Dress for success




Anthropologie en plein air dress, bow belt, malagasy woven tote, target sandals

A million and one thank yous to everyone who chimed in with the warm wishes regarding this most exciting time. There are plenty of moments when I’m still in disbelief myself over the changes that are slowly taking place and the new person that will be joining our little party of two. I had been meaning to come back here and document the sartorial side of expecting, just because it’s been such a new and at times, challenging process of discovering what may fit but not flatter, flatter but not exactly fit, stretching out (literally)¬†my current haves for as long as it can zip/button/belt, and making room in my closet (and in my mind) for new pieces in unfamiliar (to me) sizes and styles.

The first trimester went well and aside from myself and a couple of close friends, no one knew the extra package I was packing. Every day I would wonder if it was going to be the day when I showed, and by how much. All my clothes fit fine and the thought of planning ahead for more accomodating choices seemed inapplicable. And then slowly those numbers on the scale began to change, and certain tops where no longer fitting as they should and skirts kept getting zipped up higher and higher. There were those who’d tell me “you have plenty of time to grow, no need to buy new things for a long time”. Well, if it’s one thing I’ve learned to not do while pregnant is generalize. Everyone is so different and at times sweeping generalizations can send one into alarm mode, wondering if they’re growing too fast, not growing fast enough, conscious of that extra serving of dinner the other night and pushing for that extra lap around the neighborhood.

All of this to say that I have been growing my friends, and even though at times my condition may not be apparent and it’s not until I say something that people start to look “down there” for a visual confirmation, I can feel it with everything I wear. Which is why lately, the easiest thing to throw on and squeeze into one last time has been dresses. Not only are they a no-brainer for those mornings when you can’t be bothered with constructing a creative combo, but it allows for more room to breathe. From an observer’s perspective the dress above didn’t seem like it would leave me much¬†breathing room, but I was pleasantly surprised as the zipper moved its way up up up with almost no issues. Placed a belt on for the illusion of some form of waist and jazzed up the dress with bright sandals for an easy, no fuss preggo outfit.

*This is also the last time I’ll probably be able to wear this dress until next year, but hey, that’s why blogging is here- for the memories.

What’s new around here

Some time has passed since I last wrote and well, while it can feel tedious providing explanations for one’s absence, it’s sometimes better to just carry on and accept the time apart as part of the process. My summer so far has been a wonderful blend of short trips to memorable destinations, hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and hidden creeks, pool dates with friends who remind me to watch for those sun rays, veggies from the CSA that lead to explorations for new recipes, and catching up on my lifetime reading list. Oh and the intermittent new purchase or two, who are we kidding here ūüôā

3photowearing: jcrew vintage tee, anthro spearmint stripe skirt, woven raffia stretch belt, malagasy woven tote, seychelles sandals

And there’s one other new development this summer that I’ve been pretty gosh darn happy about……..





ATL top/Anthropologie AG Stevie Ankle jeans, nubuck gladiator wedges

Just your average Tuesday equipped in neon! I think I’m ready for the summer days to roll out so I can pack up these pants and show off a little skin ūüėČ