The month of September found me at our nation’s capital on three separate weekend occassions. With each visit I took full advantage of walking as much as possible, exploring new sights and of course, the endless restaurants. During our last visit we were able to explore Newseum, an interactive museum that features an impressive six levels of news and journalism stories, not to mention multiple theaters and galleries. It was a captivating visit and the multiple hours spent there did not seem adequate for really taking in everything the place had to offer. For anyone planning to visit DC, it’s a museum I definitely recommend.

photo 4

One of the most impressive displays was a piece of the Berlin Wall from Germany. It clearly portrayed the sharp distinctions in culture between West and East, and here we stood on what would technically be opposite sides of the wall. “Opposites” in relation to Dr. Drill having grown up in a Western society while I experienced the the seclusion and isolation of a communist state.

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Up on the sixth level there is a rooftop terrace that overlooks the US Capitol, Washington monument, and National Mall. It was a beautiful day for taking in all the sites and being present in the moment.

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*And a quick OOTD. #25weeks!

Over the weekend


This past weekend Dr. Love and I ventured out for a day of adventure and drove to a nearby town for wine tasting and bbq. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: I feel lucky to be living in this area of plush mountain views and rolling hills. At an arm’s length I have the option of exploring grandiose hiking trails or a more laid-back approach such as visiting the wineries. I never seem to be in short supply of day-long journeys reserved for the weekend and now that the weather has warmed up, it sets the tone for more opportunities to take in the fresh mountain air.



The first stop was to Horton Vineyards, where we pulled up to what seemed like an older French stone house. The Blue Ridge mountainviews were beautiful and they had picnic tables on the side for those moments when you come prepared to a winery with fresh bread and cheese in tow ūüėČ Once inside we were invited to taste over 10 various types of wine, ranging from aromatic whites to wait for it….a white chocolate wine! Afterwards we drove up a bit further to finally try the much raved about, The BBQ Exchange. While simplistic in its delivery the food packed on delicious flavor and finger-lickin’ goodness. I’m not one to pursue any¬†bbq venturing but friends had recommended the place for having some of the best in the area. After a basket of hushpuppies and a pulled chicken BBQ, the feast was concluded by a delicious serving (or two) of banana pudding.¬†Gosh, thinking about all this food again has me rationalizing that a 30-minute drive for tonight’s dinner wouldn’t be so irrational….right?!


Among the trees


20 Anthro chignon dress, sparked agate collar, morning birds sweatercoat, opaque tights, dun blanket booties

It wasn’t until preparing this post that I realized I’m dipped in Anthro head to toe. While it wasn’t intentional, I see how I got to this place. Looking back at some of my first months of blogging, I was busy filling up my closet with Anthro sale items, with the ocassional full-price splurge. It was almost as if I was making up for lost time of not being aware of the style that the store afforded. The problem was that I was coating it on pretty heavily¬† (in my opinion) and eventually, I started selling or donating items that I hardly reached for or where never my style to begin with. But that was 3 years ago! My style has since changed and developed. While I still have love for Anthro it’s not my only go-to resource for personal style.¬†As for the head to toe Anthro look a few days ago? Well, I chalk that up to being selective in what I pack for a short trip, focusing less on expectations for labels and more on personal preference.

As I mentioned in my last post I made a quick trip down to Florida during the extended weekend  to visit my hometown. Having left the sunshine state over 8 years ago I had forgotten how winter never quite makes it down south, peeling off said wool sweater and tights. I had also forgotten about the beauty that can be found away from the beaches and closer to the state parks. The Spanish moss trees and desolate greenery filled most of my weekend with reflective conversation and an appreciation for solitude.






Florida Fun




Urban Outfitters coincidence & chance flecked elbow patch sweater/JCrew dress, tights/Anthro dun blanket booties, refraction bag

I’m in Florida visiting moms for a couple of days and I’m basking in the warm weather and Spanish moss trees. They make for a beautiful backdrop, don’t you think?

A NYC Birthday

Hello again and happy New Year to you!

I had meant to post about¬†my short but fun birthday trip to New York City¬†sooner than later, but¬†between the holiday travel, days off, straight up vegging at home and at the movies, I’ve been taking full advantage of being in vacation mode.¬†I’ve been to the city several times and with each visit I fall in love a little bit more. Its bustling energy, endless sidewalks, beautiful people and major attractions are temptations that always come to full effect when I’m there and leave me lingering for more. Each time we’ve gone we’ve always lodged in Manhattan, but I’ve always scoped out Brooklyn as a future location (if my dreams ever come true). I booked us a place in BedStuy via Airbnb¬†to gain a more authentic experience in one of the¬†boroughs. We drove up to DC early one morning and took Megabus up to the city. Free¬†WiFi¬†and the absence of having the responsibility of dodging traffic on the highway made this traveling option a real winner in my book, not to mention its inexpensive price tag. Landing at Penn Station in the late afternoon gave us a chance to explore the nearby restaurants and we settled on Mooncake Foods in Hell’s Kitchen. For the next few days we explored as much as we could while enduring the cold weather and introduced our palettes to Egg and Pies ‘N’ Thighs for breakfast in Williamsburg, Boka for Korean in East Village, Chikalicious and Puddin for delicious dessert, BLT for the burgers and shakes, and The Meatball Shop back in Brooklyn for the hearty ice cream sandwiches.We also went by Central Park, toured 30 Rock and the Rockefeller Center, and I had the great fortune and pleasure of meeting with Usha and Thea. Meeting blogger friends IRL has always been a delightful experience and I’m always amazed and fulfilled by our endless conversations ūüôā

My time in the city as always, exceeded my expectations and sent me home satisfied with a fun-filled birthday and pondering on future plans for returning back for more. Below are a few captured moments.







DSCN4108 DSCN4116