February favorites

mori  Mori Blazer

ivette Ivette Patchwork Dress

woven Woven Bow Belt

86772_WE3667_m Stucco Stripe Dress

47953_KS4939_m Fairweather Cardigan in Doubledot

73936_YL5292 Elephant Studs

87735_PR5997 The Duet Mini Wedge in Suede

_7689226 Regina Wedge

_7679970 ASTR Faux Leather Skater Skirt

images Austin Convertible Clutch

27241900_001_a Jersey Assymetrical Drape Skirt

27304054_001_a Georgia Lace Dress

If I had an unlimited bank account I realistically  could bring each one of these cuties home with me. But it’s not about that is it? It took me a while to understand that just because something is beautiful and looks great on, does not mean that I have to make a purchase and document the relationship as a permanent one. It’s actually a very simple concept but it has taken me eons of shopping trips and tight closet space to realize its significance. While magazines, catalogs, and blogs are great resources for inspiration and creativity they can also ignite this desire for newness, a facelift for the ol’ wardrobe, an opportunity for something more. When I realize that my serotonin levels are off the charts upon taking note of pretty items, I take a step back and create a mental picture of all the beautiful things I already own and figure out if there are any holes in my wardrobe that said item can fill. If not, back it goes. It may feel painful momentarily, but once I’ve left the store or site I don’t miss it at all and just saved myself some cash or time-sucking returns. It’s a rather tough exercise at times, but I’ve noticed that my recent purchases have become frequent offenders/contributors when I get dressed because they’re that versatile and flattering. I’ve noticed certain items left by the wayside just because even though they’re great, I don’t have a realistic use for them (which is also why you may have seen an increase of items posted here). The list of favorites above is a great way to keep focused on what makes my heart sing and what could be fun yet versatile pieces for the spring season ahead.

Try on for size

With this crazy extra 30% off sale that Anthro is having, in addition to the new markdowns today, a sudden urge hit me to order a few things. Coincidentally they’re all items I’ve never seen in person (with the exception of the top) so let’s see if (hopefully not) everything will work out.

dun blanket booties Dun Blanket Booties

Don’t ask me why but I think these booties are just the coolest. I’ve never owned anything like them and I couldn’t even recite what items from my closet would complement them well, but all I know is that sometimes, it’s good to color outside the lines…let’s see if this rings true in practicality.

striped and pleated mini dressStriped & Pleated Mini Dress

I had been swooning over this dress for some time but when I saw the additional markdown this morning it seemed like fair game. I ordered a size up from my usual to compensate for the “mini” in its title, so let’s hope that the additional room flatters in leg coverage rather than frumping my style.

labyrinthine cuff Labyrinthine Cuff

This one hopped its way from wishlist to cart simply due to its recent sale. It was about time!

fanned shine booties Fanned Shine Booties

More booties you may be asking? I know, I know. I don’t have an answer for you either, except to say that I’ve found myself favoring booties all fall/winter long, forgetting about the tallies (tall boots you guys!). I actually did see these cuties in person at the Rockefeller store last month but couldn’t locate my right size. They’re a bit dazzle-me-delight, but let’s see if I can tone them down.

static blouseStatic Blouse

When I’m on the fence about something at Anthro, what sometimes happens is that said item sells out of my size and I’m left to wonder whether I did the right thing. That, or I place an order for the next size up. I like the back and recently realized it’s not as scandalous as I had initially thought. Plus, tweed AND silk? Keepin’ it classy done right.

So, do tell, anyone else experiencing the sudden urge to make some last-minute Anthro purchases?

Here & there

I woke up this morning not feeling very well-rested – a result of going to bed late and being awakened by a husband who’s on call, sheepishly asking for a ride at 2am. Being up at 6 (due to a loud beeper) on a Tuesday morning has its perks, like paying tribute to Anthropologie online and picking up a couple of items from the lounge section:

    Entwined Lace Chemise

                                                       Full Spectrum Loungers

Both pieces seemed light, breezy, and cheerful. Perfect for those hot summer days when I don’t want anything touching my skin. The more I peruse in the lounge section, the more I find myself wanting to pick up a couple more things that are so aesthetically pleasing and light on the wallet.

Over the weekend I had the chance to spend some time exploring the farmer’s market early Saturday morning (I’m obviously not one to sleep in), meet up with a friend, and take in the joys of having a lazy day. 

ae striped top/anthro easy navigation wide-legs/toms
On Sunday Dr. Love and I ventured out downtown for some delicious brunch. The place only accepts cash and check, so once we stepped out and realized we’d have to go back home to get more cash, I realize that we are locked out! I had gone for a run on Saturday afternoon and forgot to put the key back on the key chain. Let’s just say brunch turned out to be a bit awkward as we ate slowly, thinking about strategies on how to break in to our own home. Although we tried to brainstorm other avenues that wouldn’t involve paying high weekend fees for a locksmith, we gave in and made the call. I’m never a fan of losing money to avoidable acts, but lesson is learned. 
anthropologie bike lanes dress/express cardi/target flats
Next on the agenda for today is swift packing for SAN FRANCISCO!! We’ve been planning this vacation for a few weeks and can’t believe the moment is here already. I’ve only been to Cali once, and that was back in August for a work trip to San Diego. I just can’t wait to explore the city, fill my belly with delicious food, and take in the ocean. For those of you familiar with or in the area, please share any advice on where to go, what to see, and most importantly, how to pack!! I realize the weather will be cooler and I only want to bring what I truly need.
Thanks for stopping by and happy Tuesday!