Happy Halloween!

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Anthropologie cosette cardigan/ GAP pure body tank/ H&M skinnies/ Sam Edelman petty boots/ Free People parker tote

I’m sad to report that we’ve officially neglected Halloween. For the past few years we’ve given up on creative outfits and accumulating disproportionate amounts of candy for a respite night at home, curled up in bed watching scary movies. When you think about it, not a bad compromise and surely more convenient, but I think about those years past, back in college and grad school when we’d get excited over dressing up and staying out late at friends’ parties. Let’s see, I’ve been a gypsy, a witch, a Spice Girl, a flapper and a 60’s go-go girl. This year I did give some thought on how to incorporate my new bump accessory into a costume, and here are some fabulous ideas, but staying at home and nursing a cold is my gameplan for the night. And I mean, it’s totally normal buying Halloween candy for a night in, right?

#30 weeks

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Anthropologie riley camo jacket/ GAP supersoft striped boatneck dress/ Sam Edelman petty boot/ Free People parker tote

Oh my, where did the time go?! The seasons have been changing and the weeks are accruing, and somewhere between spring, summer, and now fall, I’ve found myself in the third trimester of pregnancy. It wasn’t always a given – me wanting my own children or even knowing whether I had the ability to do so, but I’m at this amazing place, really happy and excited about this tiny little person that grows slowly and steadily every day. There are some moments when I still have to pinch myself of this newfound reality, this existence inside of me. I look down and smile at the rotundness of the situation 🙂

During my earlier weeks I was in limbo between making my clothes stretch out to their maximum capacity and slowly warming up to buying a few “maternity” pieces. Hearing that word made me feel like personal style would have to fly out the window and I would become BFFs with long tunics and black leggings, but I’ve been lucky in identifying pieces that provide comfort yet still make me feel like I don’t have to change the way I dress. A great investment for me was buying maternity skinnies at H&M and the GAP. They have a flattering cut and a convenient full panel that hugs babe tight and keeps you slim everywhere else. I wear them weekly and pair them with various tops, tanks, and jackets. Anthro has also been wonderful for picking up tees and long cardigans that are perfect for the warm season and can transition easily into Spring. I guess what I’m getting at is that there is hope for preserving your own personal style while taking some time to create a little baby 🙂


Black & white

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H&M blouse; Gap full panel black legging jeans; JCrew flats; Free People necklace; Anthro watch

Since I’m not the biggest fan of maternity tops (cotton tees and tanks on the other hand, completely different story) and find the styling and material to be a bit too bright or busy for my taste, I’ve found a solution in purchasing regular tops (for the not-with-child crowd) simply in a bigger size. This way, the styling options are much more diverse and the extra room can work in my favor for those post-term days ahead. A loose, flowy blouse such as this one can be easily tucked in to a pencil skirt, something else I can no longer fit into 😦

Dress for success




Anthropologie en plein air dress, bow belt, malagasy woven tote, target sandals

A million and one thank yous to everyone who chimed in with the warm wishes regarding this most exciting time. There are plenty of moments when I’m still in disbelief myself over the changes that are slowly taking place and the new person that will be joining our little party of two. I had been meaning to come back here and document the sartorial side of expecting, just because it’s been such a new and at times, challenging process of discovering what may fit but not flatter, flatter but not exactly fit, stretching out (literally) my current haves for as long as it can zip/button/belt, and making room in my closet (and in my mind) for new pieces in unfamiliar (to me) sizes and styles.

The first trimester went well and aside from myself and a couple of close friends, no one knew the extra package I was packing. Every day I would wonder if it was going to be the day when I showed, and by how much. All my clothes fit fine and the thought of planning ahead for more accomodating choices seemed inapplicable. And then slowly those numbers on the scale began to change, and certain tops where no longer fitting as they should and skirts kept getting zipped up higher and higher. There were those who’d tell me “you have plenty of time to grow, no need to buy new things for a long time”. Well, if it’s one thing I’ve learned to not do while pregnant is generalize. Everyone is so different and at times sweeping generalizations can send one into alarm mode, wondering if they’re growing too fast, not growing fast enough, conscious of that extra serving of dinner the other night and pushing for that extra lap around the neighborhood.

All of this to say that I have been growing my friends, and even though at times my condition may not be apparent and it’s not until I say something that people start to look “down there” for a visual confirmation, I can feel it with everything I wear. Which is why lately, the easiest thing to throw on and squeeze into one last time has been dresses. Not only are they a no-brainer for those mornings when you can’t be bothered with constructing a creative combo, but it allows for more room to breathe. From an observer’s perspective the dress above didn’t seem like it would leave me much breathing room, but I was pleasantly surprised as the zipper moved its way up up up with almost no issues. Placed a belt on for the illusion of some form of waist and jazzed up the dress with bright sandals for an easy, no fuss preggo outfit.

*This is also the last time I’ll probably be able to wear this dress until next year, but hey, that’s why blogging is here- for the memories.