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Anthropologie riley camo jacket/ GAP supersoft striped boatneck dress/ Sam Edelman petty boot/ Free People parker tote

Oh my, where did the time go?! The seasons have been changing and the weeks are accruing, and somewhere between spring, summer, and now fall, I’ve found myself in the third trimester of pregnancy. It wasn’t always a given – me wanting my own children or even knowing whether I had the ability to do so, but I’m at this amazing place, really happy and excited about this tiny little person that grows slowly and steadily every day. There are some moments when I still have to pinch myself of this newfound reality, this existence inside of me. I look down and smile at the rotundness of the situation ūüôā

During my earlier weeks I was in limbo between making my clothes stretch out to their maximum capacity and slowly warming up to buying a few “maternity” pieces. Hearing that word made me feel like personal style would have to fly out the window and I would become BFFs with long tunics and black leggings, but I’ve been lucky in identifying pieces that provide comfort yet still make me feel like I don’t have to change the way I dress. A great investment for me was buying maternity skinnies at H&M and the GAP. They have a flattering cut and a¬†convenient full panel that hugs babe tight and keeps you slim everywhere else. I wear them weekly and pair them with various tops, tanks, and jackets.¬†Anthro has also been wonderful for picking up tees and long cardigans that are perfect for the warm season and can transition easily into Spring. I guess what I’m getting at is that there is hope for preserving your own personal style while taking some time to create a little baby ūüôā






Free People ribbons and rows dress/F21 jewelry/Madewell the transport tote/Steve Madden paver booties

When I scroll through my posts I realize that my fashion sense is across the board. I like a little bit of everything and whenever some fashion quiz on a magazine or Anthro’s review page asks me to define my style, I’m at a loss for committing to one single category. Well, I am quick to say what is not my style, for example crop tops, capris (basically anything cutting off proportions), see-through anything, platforms and acid wash jeans. Just to name a few.

This dress. Definitely in my top 5 of items I adore and that truly describe my style. I love its boho vibe, the detailed beaded neckline and the gauzy material that allows me to feel light and breezy. I went up a size just to delve in the comfort factor and am seriously tempted to pick up another color. The California bohemian look has always drawn me in and I can’t help but get excited when perusing through Free People’s catalog and their Bldg 25 blog.¬† It¬†prompts daydreaming of living by¬†¬†the beach in a little house, donning beach wave hair, beautiful flowy dresses such as this one, without a care in the world. The only thing on my agenda is to bask in the sun and feel the sand on my toes. Oh my, I think I’ve been hitting up Jessica Alba’s Instagram too hard and daydreaming about my own vacation on a tropical island ūüėČ

February favorites

mori  Mori Blazer

ivette Ivette Patchwork Dress

woven Woven Bow Belt

86772_WE3667_m Stucco Stripe Dress

47953_KS4939_m Fairweather Cardigan in Doubledot

73936_YL5292 Elephant Studs

87735_PR5997 The Duet Mini Wedge in Suede

_7689226 Regina Wedge

_7679970 ASTR Faux Leather Skater Skirt

images Austin Convertible Clutch

27241900_001_a Jersey Assymetrical Drape Skirt

27304054_001_a Georgia Lace Dress

If I had an unlimited bank account I realistically¬† could bring each one of these cuties home with me. But it’s not about that is it? It took me a while to understand that just because something is beautiful and looks great on, does not mean that I have to make a purchase and document the relationship as a permanent one. It’s actually a very simple concept but it has taken me eons of shopping trips and tight closet space to realize its significance. While magazines, catalogs, and blogs are great resources for inspiration and creativity they can also ignite this desire for newness, a facelift for the ol’ wardrobe, an opportunity for something more. When I realize that my serotonin levels are off the charts upon taking note of pretty items, I take a step back and create a mental picture of all the beautiful things I already own and figure out if there are any holes in my wardrobe that said item can fill. If not, back it goes. It may feel painful momentarily, but once I’ve left the store or site I don’t miss it at all and just¬†saved myself some¬†cash or time-sucking returns.¬†It’s a rather tough exercise at times, but I’ve noticed that my recent purchases have become frequent offenders/contributors when I get dressed because they’re that versatile and flattering. I’ve noticed certain items left¬†by the wayside just because even though they’re great, I don’t have a realistic use for them (which is also why you may have seen an increase of items posted here). The list of favorites above is a great way to keep focused on what makes my heart sing and what could be fun yet versatile pieces for the spring season ahead.