Holiday check in

photo 2Sweater- F21, Jeans- H&M maternity, Coat- Anthro, Beanie- AE

Happy holidays friends! Just wanted to stop by since I’m long overdue for a quick update. Since you last saw me I was in the midst of pregnancy and now, well, now I’m near the end of my journey but still pregnant 🙂 Approaching #38weeks to be exact and in a mode of awareness that anytime, anywhere, it.may.go.down. The holiday break has been a wonderful opportunity to catch up on the last-minute details of the nursery, stocking up on fun essentials (like polka-dotted leggings), and getting mentally prepared for the big D-day :O

Blogs and Pinterest continue to be a source of inspiration as I get dressed everyday, and in the last few weeks I even ventured out into purchasing items for my post-pregnancy self. Since I’m new at this and all I know is my current state of roundness (which I don’t mind all too much), I selected a few new items that will help look forward to getting back my ‘old’ physique. Pregnancy can do such a number on a woman’s self esteem, and it can go either way, from miserable to embracing the new life being created within, but I’ll explore more on another post as to how my personal journey came to be. Now that I’m this far along and babe is definitely feeling big, I’m feeling ready to meet our little sweet potato 🙂

Happy Halloween!

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

Anthropologie cosette cardigan/ GAP pure body tank/ H&M skinnies/ Sam Edelman petty boots/ Free People parker tote

I’m sad to report that we’ve officially neglected Halloween. For the past few years we’ve given up on creative outfits and accumulating disproportionate amounts of candy for a respite night at home, curled up in bed watching scary movies. When you think about it, not a bad compromise and surely more convenient, but I think about those years past, back in college and grad school when we’d get excited over dressing up and staying out late at friends’ parties. Let’s see, I’ve been a gypsy, a witch, a Spice Girl, a flapper and a 60’s go-go girl. This year I did give some thought on how to incorporate my new bump accessory into a costume, and here are some fabulous ideas, but staying at home and nursing a cold is my gameplan for the night. And I mean, it’s totally normal buying Halloween candy for a night in, right?

#30 weeks

photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

Anthropologie riley camo jacket/ GAP supersoft striped boatneck dress/ Sam Edelman petty boot/ Free People parker tote

Oh my, where did the time go?! The seasons have been changing and the weeks are accruing, and somewhere between spring, summer, and now fall, I’ve found myself in the third trimester of pregnancy. It wasn’t always a given – me wanting my own children or even knowing whether I had the ability to do so, but I’m at this amazing place, really happy and excited about this tiny little person that grows slowly and steadily every day. There are some moments when I still have to pinch myself of this newfound reality, this existence inside of me. I look down and smile at the rotundness of the situation 🙂

During my earlier weeks I was in limbo between making my clothes stretch out to their maximum capacity and slowly warming up to buying a few “maternity” pieces. Hearing that word made me feel like personal style would have to fly out the window and I would become BFFs with long tunics and black leggings, but I’ve been lucky in identifying pieces that provide comfort yet still make me feel like I don’t have to change the way I dress. A great investment for me was buying maternity skinnies at H&M and the GAP. They have a flattering cut and a convenient full panel that hugs babe tight and keeps you slim everywhere else. I wear them weekly and pair them with various tops, tanks, and jackets. Anthro has also been wonderful for picking up tees and long cardigans that are perfect for the warm season and can transition easily into Spring. I guess what I’m getting at is that there is hope for preserving your own personal style while taking some time to create a little baby 🙂


Black & white

photo 1


H&M blouse; Gap full panel black legging jeans; JCrew flats; Free People necklace; Anthro watch

Since I’m not the biggest fan of maternity tops (cotton tees and tanks on the other hand, completely different story) and find the styling and material to be a bit too bright or busy for my taste, I’ve found a solution in purchasing regular tops (for the not-with-child crowd) simply in a bigger size. This way, the styling options are much more diverse and the extra room can work in my favor for those post-term days ahead. A loose, flowy blouse such as this one can be easily tucked in to a pencil skirt, something else I can no longer fit into 😦