Happy Halloween!

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Anthropologie cosette cardigan/ GAP pure body tank/ H&M skinnies/ Sam Edelman petty boots/ Free People parker tote

I’m sad to report that we’ve officially neglected Halloween. For the past few years we’ve given up on creative outfits and accumulating disproportionate amounts of candy for a respite night at home, curled up in bed watching scary movies. When you think about it, not a bad compromise and surely more convenient, but I think about those years past, back in college and grad school when we’d get excited over dressing up and staying out late at friends’ parties. Let’s see, I’ve been a gypsy, a witch, a Spice Girl, a flapper and a 60’s go-go girl. This year I did give some thought on how to incorporate my new bump accessory into a costume, and here are some fabulous ideas, but staying at home and nursing a cold is my gameplan for the night. And I mean, it’s totally normal buying Halloween candy for a night in, right?

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Too bad you weren’t feeling well. I don’t do too much for Halloween other than add a headband or some wings to whatever I’m wearing. We always look forward to the neighborhood kids, they parade as a group and by 8:30 we turn off our lights.

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