#30 weeks

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Anthropologie riley camo jacket/ GAP supersoft striped boatneck dress/ Sam Edelman petty boot/ Free People parker tote

Oh my, where did the time go?! The seasons have been changing and the weeks are accruing, and somewhere between spring, summer, and now fall, I’ve found myself in the third trimester of pregnancy. It wasn’t always a given – me wanting my own children or even knowing whether I had the ability to do so, but I’m at this amazing place, really happy and excited about this tiny little person that grows slowly and steadily every day. There are some moments when I still have to pinch myself of this newfound reality, this existence inside of me. I look down and smile at the rotundness of the situation 🙂

During my earlier weeks I was in limbo between making my clothes stretch out to their maximum capacity and slowly warming up to buying a few “maternity” pieces. Hearing that word made me feel like personal style would have to fly out the window and I would become BFFs with long tunics and black leggings, but I’ve been lucky in identifying pieces that provide comfort yet still make me feel like I don’t have to change the way I dress. A great investment for me was buying maternity skinnies at H&M and the GAP. They have a flattering cut and a convenient full panel that hugs babe tight and keeps you slim everywhere else. I wear them weekly and pair them with various tops, tanks, and jackets. Anthro has also been wonderful for picking up tees and long cardigans that are perfect for the warm season and can transition easily into Spring. I guess what I’m getting at is that there is hope for preserving your own personal style while taking some time to create a little baby 🙂


9 thoughts on “#30 weeks

  1. Gosh I’ve missed so much from when you swapped your blog over – I kind of lost you and just noticed the title of this post in Found in My Closets blogroll and had to come over. You look wonderful, many many congratulations! I’m adding this new url now so that I don’t miss out anymore. My daughter is two now, it’s flown by since I shut down Running on Anthro then decided to come back. Some spammer had taken that one so I started from scratch 🙂

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