The month of September found me at our nation’s capital on three separate weekend occassions. With each visit I took full advantage of walking as much as possible, exploring new sights and of course, the endless restaurants. During our last visit we were able to explore Newseum, an interactive museum that features an impressive six levels of news and journalism stories, not to mention multiple theaters and galleries. It was a captivating visit and the multiple hours spent there did not seem adequate for really taking in everything the place had to offer. For anyone planning to visit DC, it’s a museum I definitely recommend.

photo 4

One of the most impressive displays was a piece of the Berlin Wall from Germany. It clearly portrayed the sharp distinctions in culture between West and East, and here we stood on what would technically be opposite sides of the wall. “Opposites” in relation to Dr. Drill having grown up in a Western society while I experienced the the seclusion and isolation of a communist state.

photo 1

photo 3

Up on the sixth level there is a rooftop terrace that overlooks the US Capitol, Washington monument, and National Mall. It was a beautiful day for taking in all the sites and being present in the moment.

photo 2

*And a quick OOTD. #25weeks!

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