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Some time has passed since I last wrote and well, while it can feel tedious providing explanations for one’s absence, it’s sometimes better to just carry on and accept the time apart as part of the process. My summer so far has been a wonderful blend of short trips to memorable destinations, hiking trails that lead to waterfalls and hidden creeks, pool dates with friends who remind me to watch for those sun rays, veggies from the CSA that lead to explorations for new recipes, and catching up on my lifetime reading list. Oh and the intermittent new purchase or two, who are we kidding here 🙂

3photowearing: jcrew vintage tee, anthro spearmint stripe skirt, woven raffia stretch belt, malagasy woven tote, seychelles sandals

And there’s one other new development this summer that I’ve been pretty gosh darn happy about……..


31 thoughts on “What’s new around here

  1. Wowee! Congratulations to you two! I hope you’ll find a few minutes here and there to let us know how things are going, and show us how beautifully you handle the dressing dilemmas!

    I love the pale pink with green stripes- very fresh and summery!

  2. Girlfriend!! Wahoo! I had a sneaking suspicion why you hadn’t been around much…. :)!! A happy, celebratory congrats to you and Dr. Love!! Hope you are feeling well as can be and I must say you look absolutely radiant so far. That skirt never looked so good until it was embracing a bump!! 🙂

    • Hi dear friend, many many thanks for your kind wishes and yes, your suspicions were correct- I’ve been occupied on various levels during these last few months. Feeling good so far and this bump is definitely making its way known to all my clothes, for better or worse!

  3. Oh wow, congratulations!!! What wonderful news! I just had my baby 3 weeks ago and it’s so great having her here–I’m so happy for you and your little one on the way and can’t wait to hear more! Hope you’ve been feeling good; you sure look amazing!

    • Thanks Kelly! How amazing to have baby girl in your arms after all those months of carrying her in your belly 😉 I feel really really lucky as everything has been going smoothly so far and thanks for the warm wishes!

  4. Yay! What wonderful news, Dea! You are going to be one gorgeous, perfectly dressed pregnant lady. Can’t wait to see how you style your baby bump. Hope you have been feeling well. Wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy! Congratulations to you and Dr. Love!

    • Hi Gemma, great seeing your name again 🙂 Many thanks for all your kind words, truly appreciated. As for getting dressed, skirts are already getting adjusted or folded up and packed away due to a certain inability to zip things up 😉 Creativity will need to come in handy for sure.

      • I know, it’s gotten so hard with the 3 kids to just even leave you a comment. But know that I was always-and will continue- reading and saying to you in my head, “Ohhh, Dea, you look cute today” or “Love that combo”. Something like that!!! Congrats again to you both!

  5. !!! Oh hooray, congratulations! You are going to be the cutest preggo and a wonderful mom. Very happy for you! : ) (And gorgeous outfit, as ever. That skirt is to die for.)

  6. So I apparently missed your blog move and just thought you had stopped blogging altogether. I saw your “bump” board on Pinterest and wondered what you were up to so I sleuthed my way over! 🙂 Glad to see you haven’t disappeared and SUPER excited and happy for your exciting news! A million congratulations. Hope all goes well with the journey!

  7. Congratulations!! I had a little quiver of excitement for you when seeing your last picture. What an awesome blessing.

    I, too, will be looking forward to seeing your pregnancy styles.

  8. Oh my goodness! I am so behind on blog reading because I was finishing my dissertation when this was posted originally but many many congratulations to you and the whole family! You look amazing! I am so excited to see more of your maternity style!

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