Over the weekend


This past weekend Dr. Love and I ventured out for a day of adventure and drove to a nearby town for wine tasting and bbq. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: I feel lucky to be living in this area of plush mountain views and rolling hills. At an arm’s length I have the option of exploring grandiose hiking trails or a more laid-back approach such as visiting the wineries. I never seem to be in short supply of day-long journeys reserved for the weekend and now that the weather has warmed up, it sets the tone for more opportunities to take in the fresh mountain air.



The first stop was to Horton Vineyards, where we pulled up to what seemed like an older French stone house. The Blue Ridge mountainviews were beautiful and they had picnic tables on the side for those moments when you come prepared to a winery with fresh bread and cheese in tow 😉 Once inside we were invited to taste over 10 various types of wine, ranging from aromatic whites to wait for it….a white chocolate wine! Afterwards we drove up a bit further to finally try the much raved about, The BBQ Exchange. While simplistic in its delivery the food packed on delicious flavor and finger-lickin’ goodness. I’m not one to pursue any bbq venturing but friends had recommended the place for having some of the best in the area. After a basket of hushpuppies and a pulled chicken BBQ, the feast was concluded by a delicious serving (or two) of banana pudding. Gosh, thinking about all this food again has me rationalizing that a 30-minute drive for tonight’s dinner wouldn’t be so irrational….right?!


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