Mr. Stevie



JCrew silk top/Anthropologie ag stevie ankle jeans, stacked pachyderm necklace /Steve Madden paver booties

Buying pants for me can be excruciatingly painful as I try to navigate between styles, sizing, and texture. Is this style flattering, is this pair too tight around the thighs, will they eventually stretch out, and are they a good fit for my lifestyle are all revolving questions in my mind as I take pairs into the fitting room, preparing myself for an uphill battle. It didn’t always used to be this way when I was younger. I was pretty consistent with my size and brand preference so it didn’t feel like such a chore then. But now I’ve become more aware of my curves, length of pant to leg proportions, and let’s face it, certain areas that I’d like to “uplift” if you will. Do I feel too young to be feeling this way? Goodness yes, but pants are such a commodity when I just want to feel comfortable, so I have to ensure that I’m investing in pairs that flatter my figure and can be dressed up or down, according to occassion.

Somewhere in we-specialize-in-make-you-feel-good-pants heaven, my pant woes were addressed and I luckily stumbled upon some “guy” who (in my book) delivers jeans correctly time and time again. I’m talking about Mr. Stevie of course, courtesy of AG Jeans. Leaving it to Anthropologie for introducing me to all things beautiful, I had my first Stevie experience with the AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle. Ahhhmazingly butter-soft and curve-flattering skinnies that have been paired with an assorted amount of tops, tanks, and sweaters. They’ve taken me on through all 4 seasons and I’ve sorta become a convert as a result.



Anthropologie kaleidoscope pocket tee, ag stevie ankle jeans/Target kaelyn ankle booties/Madewell the transport tote

I bought a pair of Stevie cords back in December while in NYC and then this black pair you see above, which have been the most versatile pants ever and kept me polished throughout Winter. Equipped with 3 pairs seemed justified and appropriate, but I kept sneaking glances at a gray pair we have in the store and then topped things off with this pair because the rust color seemed visually stimulating and pretty perfect for the cooler months. As you can tell I have difficulty with self-restraint or knowing when to quit, but in my defense, the pant buying business is pretty gosh darn stressful so when I come across a pair that alleviates any type of negative emotion, it all comes together and makes perfect sense.

Do tell: anyone else got mad love for Mr. Stevie and can attest to my claims?


7 thoughts on “Mr. Stevie

  1. Love your blog, just never commented before.

    And yes, AG has by now taken up an absurdly large space in my closet. Today realised I bought my first AG cords ten years ago (on sale, of course). And with the Stevie I finally get to wear something that flatters my hour-glass curves, is super comfortable, yet dresses up or down.

    • Hi there, thanks for dropping a line! So glad to hear there’s another AG fan out there amassing quite the collection herself! Once you find something flattering for the curves, especially in pant form, it’s on!

    • Lisa, I thought the exact same thing about the collection of striped tops I own, but this one is just too soft and plus, it has the pocket detail 🙂 As for the AGs, definitely give them a try, promise you won’t be disappointed!

  2. Hi-
    Your jeans always fit so nicely. I’ve wondered about the Stevie’s but am not sure if they’d work for someone of my height (5’9). I’ve been through so many brands. Citizens of humanity (Ava) was my old standby but the fabric has felt different lately. They seem to stretch out more. I’ll have to give the Stevie’s a whirl. Thanks!

  3. I have a thing for Mr Stevie too – it’s about the only pair of denim that fits me perfectly. I am now having a love affair with Ms Minnie (from JCrew) so they both have to make their peace with each other as I am giving up neither!

  4. I have the same issues with buying pants–the sizing always seems to differ vastly between brands and styles. It makes my head spin! I need a new pair of jeans, and I’ve been curious about the Stevie, so maybe I will check them out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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