Old dots

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Anthropologie dropped dots dress, pointelle perk cardigan, drupelet strand/Target kaelyn ankle booties

This past weekend I spent some time digging back out my Spring/Summer staples and stored away the bulky, heavy Winter goods. This type of exercise always brings about a new level of understanding of just how much my personal clothing collection has amassed, for better or worse 😉 This whole week has been spent rediscovering old favorites such as this dress. I remember trying it on initially during January of last year and it was love at first sight. I was good and waited to scoop it up on sale later during Springtime, but looking back it feels like so long ago. And in the land of blogging, things seem to go out of style rather quickly and something purchased last year is considered “old”. I understand the appeal of always showcasing the latest trend or newest acquisition, but I always tend to favor those instances when bloggers revive “old” pieces and give them a facelift. It’s almost like reuniting with an old friend, reminded of memories past.


3 thoughts on “Old dots

  1. I understand exactly what you mean and I agree. New stuff is fun, but I really love to see the older items highlighted and adapted to fit in with current trends. Love the dots!

  2. One of the things I like about really classic anthro pieces is that they are beautiful pieces in and of themselves and can transcend trends. And navy polka dots with a yellow cardigan- totally classic! I like the detail in the pointelle too!

  3. I agree with Sarah – Anthro/J Crew are not too trend-conscious. Many years down the line my pieces are still awesome. My problem is getting over how bored I feel over some of the beautiful items in my wardrobe – which I love too much to discard.

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