F21 striped top, belt/Anthro alva lace pencil skirt/Jessica Simpson wedges

I think I can state with confidence that striped shirts and pencil skirts seem to be consistent contenders on the “must-have” wardrobe requirements. I’ve always appreciated the versatility that a striped shirt has to offer. I can wear it more casual with shorts or a breezy summer skirt during warmer days or add long sleeves and pair it with cords or jeans during colder weather. Stripes provide an element of variety as they can be paired with solid colors or for us more adventurous types, a little experimentation with pattern mixing never did anyone no harm! Pencil skirts follow the same suit in my book. I like to dress them up by tucking in blouses and layered with cardis for more conservative times, or go more casual by pairing them with a solid tee or a free-flowing tank that maintains proportions. What won me over with this skirt was its stretchy material and neutral color that can be paired with literally every color of the rainbow, including chambray! Now this is what I call a smart purchase 😉

I own an embarrasingly amount of both striped shirts and pencil skirts so it’s only natural that I’d eventually concoct an outfit based on both ingredients. I like to think of it as a moment where I made do with what I have and what works. Again, consistency is key here 😉

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