Lady Boss

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Anthro indigo-ruled buttondown, foundational pencil skirt/F21 necklace/J Crew martina patent wedges ($20!!)/Madewell the transport tote

I’m probably going to lose major cool points for what I’m about to declare but this is what happens when writing a post after a long day’s work. I’ve got two words for you: Lady Boss. For those not in the know, I’m making reference to one of the personalities on the show Mob Wives. Lady Boss is one of the wives and she happens to be from Albania so there’s this very stretched out commonality there. Between the #outofthisworld big boobs, Botox parties, violent cat fights and Staten Island ‘tude, I am hooked  and not even sure why. It could be the ridiculous things they say to one another, the way that an argument could spark at any given moment and the irrational normalcy of he said/she said drama. It’s your standard no-good-for-you reality show, but hey, it’s the only one I follow so I’m cutting myself slack.

What show is your guilty pleasure?


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