Floral season





J Crew lace top/Anthro pilcro stet slim printed crop jeans, kerchief cut pouch/ Steve Madden paver booties

This weekend documented the impending arrival of Spring season and my goodness was the wait worthwhile! Bright sunny skies, blooming trees and warm weather provided sufficient incentive to stay outdoors for as long as possible. On Saturday morning we celebrated the start of our farmer’s market season and devoured delicious breakfast treats provided by the culinary-talented vendors. Walking through the market’s narrow pathways got me excited about the way warm weather has a way of bringing everyone out of their homes and enjoying the outdoors.

I was also (selfishly) thankful for the warmer weather because it presented the opportunity to finally be able to wear these cheerful floral pants from Anthro. Looking from afar with quite the critical eye, I once believed that I had outgrown the Saved-By-The-Bell-Taking-It-Back fad of floral denim. It felt too trendy and bold, toomuch. But then I saw Fallon rock these pants on my Instagram feed and before you know it I find myself grabbing a pair, willing Spring to get here in a jiffy.

Lesson learned: sometimes it’s okay to give in to a trend if it means continous cheerfulness will ensue 🙂


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