What the what! (fitting room reviews)

The other day I stopped by my local Anthro haven and took the time to try on a few items that have been on my radar. As I was putting things on I realized that it has been too long since I documented any fitting room reviews so onwards I go.

photo (28)

photo (29)

Jardim Lace Dress This dress captivated my attention everytime I’d pass it by. The cheerful pink and delicate lace made me feel like there was a tea party just waiting for this dress’ arrival. I took this one with me because we have a wedding to attend in June and well you know, any excuse to try on a fancy dress is okay in my book! I tried on a size 0 which fit pretty well to a tad loose. I don’t know if I’d make the case that everyone should size down,  but I found that to be the case in my experience. I’m also hesitant because the accompanying slip was TTS so be careful there. The dress is gorgeous, there’s no denying it, but it felt a bit heavy and long for my preference. Also note that the hemline is uneven and a bit longer on the back, so it would be more flattering to wear the dress with a wedge or heel. I think that if it had been just a couple of inches shorter it would prove to serve as a more versatile piece in my wardrobe.

photo (24)

photo (26)

photo (27)

Tiered Habitual Shirtdress I’ve mentioned before my love for the color red so this dress was an instant gravitational pull if you will. I tried on a size 0 and thought it was TTS. One thing I learned the hard way is that there’s no side zipper so I had to undo all the buttons up to the waistline in order to fit it over my head. Not a big deal but just something worth pointing out. Colorwise I love the dress, but I wasn’t a big fan of the neckline. I get that it’s a shirtdress, but it felt a bit disconnected from the rest of the dress. I love that you could layer it with cardigans, or with tees and long sleeves underneath. Takes the versatility factor up a notch. However, it’s material is polyester so for those who don’t think poly should cost this much, I get it.

photo (21)

photo (22)

photo (23)

Dao Ikat Jumpsuit Now here lies the real culprit for why I went on this expedition in the first place. Am I mad or what for scouting a jumpsuit in the middle of March after sustaining a snow day yesterday. I initially saw this bad boy hanging out in the lounge section and I was intrigued. I thought to myself, “we can go places you and I!” There were no XSs in sight so I sized up to a Small and I’m sorta glad I did. I appreciated the loose fit and having the waist-tie hit me at a comfortable spot on my waistline. Besides, I envision hot summer days for jumpsuit appropriateness so the last thing I’d like to experience is clingy/sticky fabric on my body. The extra room also provides space for layering a fun-colored tank underneath  🙂 I see this jazzy number paired with wedges, flat sandals, a layered jean jacket, straw hat and chunky necklaces. Who’s with me?!


I don’t see this top listed online yet so there’s no link to provide, but it’s by Holding Horses. This is a size 0 and as you can tell, there’s plenty of room but nothing billowy. I just loved the cheerful color (maybe a consolation prize for the Jardim Lace?) and envision it layered over black skinnies for cool spring nights and tucked in pencil skirts for the office.

photo (20)

 Colorpom Tank AG Stevie Ankle I left this outfit for last because I’m almost kind of pretty much embarrased by it. Let’s start with the Easter-colored lilac that does my legs no favors. With Stevies I fluctuate between sizes 26 and 27 but tried these in a 27. I think that eventually they would stretch somewhat with wear. Love Stevies but strongly dislike these pants on me. Next! The tank was cute and I ended up bringing it home because I was sold by the pompoms, but have since decided to take it back because I just really don’t know what to do with the two stages of stripes. I tried on an XS for sizing reference.

And there you have it. A long-forgotten concept that can be helpful for those who don’t have a store nearby. So do tell, have you tried/bought any of these pieces?


4 thoughts on “What the what! (fitting room reviews)

  1. Thanks for the reviews! You look great in those bright pinks- the jardim is lovely. But I love, love, love how wonderful the ikat jumpsuit looks! So soft and dreamy!

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