Hidden treasure


JCrew buffalo checkered shirt, clea dress/Anthro idoya bib necklace/Target tights/Aldo wedge booties

A few months ago I gathered up a few friends and we set off on the highway with big plans to explore one of J Crew’s warehouse sales that are hosted at J Crew’s…ahem, actual warehouse in Lynchburg, VA. I had been there once before with a friend and during that visit we about shopped till we dropped and brought home Santa Claus-sized sacks of goodies. During this second visit however, I felt less thrilled about digging around in mislabeled boxes and walked around with less determination and anticipation of finding real gems. Well time is a funny thing because if you dig long enough you’re bound to come across something worthwhile and gem-worthy. Kind of like this dress that I had never thought twice about online and on the catalog but mark a wool dress down to $20 and you’ve got my attention. What also got my attention was the questionable length of the sleeves. It hit me at a weird spot somewhere between my elbow and halfway through my forearm so I really didn’t know what to make of it. Consulting with said friends confirmed the obvious choice to send it off to my trusted tailor for some much needed personalized tailoring. While the total cost of the dress wasn’t $20 anymore it still felt like I made a great investment and a great bargain. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t do well with business attire so this dress is the closest thing to “classical office attire” that you’ll see me in. Now that the sleeves are at a comfortable elbow’s length I can wear the dress on its own or layer it with a multitude of blouses that can kick up the coolness factor up a notch. That and a statement necklace.


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