There I go again





Anthropologie top (check your stores!), ag stevie cords, drupelet strand, eastward dress coat/Target kaelyn ankle booties

Mic check mic check, one two one two: is this thing still on? 😉

Without meaning to I ended up taking a short hiatus on this here blog. Well, since we’re being really honest here, I’ve been in and out of blogging as of late. It’s still been heaps of fun and I treasure the online (and the occassional offline!) connections, but since the start of the new year I’ve been on a somewhat slow but exploratory journey of delving into the within. It’s actually less sketchier than it sounds 😉 December is my birthday month so as another year is earned I think about where I’ve come from and where I’m headed. Am I settling into a routine of sorts or am I making concerted efforts for attained growth and seeking more self-understanding. This quest for inner peace and understanding developed early during my teenage years and while it’s meaning has molded to current age and life’s occurrences, it’s been a staple in the background. So in looking within I’ve been studying behavioral patterns, thought process, my quest for doing away with the comparisons and belonging to a place of self-acceptance. As insightful as it may sound it can be difficult to apply into daily life, a setting bombarded by uplanned variables at all times. I’m usually the type to take things as they come and my feathers won’t get ruffled if something doesn’t go according to plan. But it can be quite a challenge to implement new behavior when you’re accustomed to patterns and the mind is trained to think in a particular way. Have I lost you yet?

All of this is to say that instead of stopping by here posing and posting, I’ve been sitting in the study reading and pondering about existential and practical matters. The great thing is that I love it all: the parts of me that get a kick out of creating posts related to personal style and the parts that explore the core of who I am and who I’d still like to become. This is a no-brainer for me. I can’t exclusively live at a superficial level and fail to nurture the inner depths of what makes me a human being, and vice versa. I can’t live in my brain! And so there you have it, my personal formula for staying balanced and a bit of what I’ve been up to. Cross my hearts that the next post will focus solely on my adoration/fascination with stripes, as exemplifed above.

So, what have you been up to lately?


2 thoughts on “There I go again

  1. Great post. I definitely get where you’re coming from – it’s important to take time away to focus on personal growth, and I know for a lot of people style blogging can start to feel like too much comparing oneself to others or focusing on the material. (It might be neat to also blog about non-style things, I don’t know if you would be interested in that!!) BUT, on a more material note : ) I loooove that coat. I have always wanted it. I spotted one once it went on sale for relatively little money, but didn’t bite. Forever regret it.

    I also have a question – I am trying to start working retail, maybe part-time, at Anthro. Do you have any tips on interviewing, what to wear, etc.? I interviewed at a store back home last year, unsuccessfully. (I think perhaps because I seemed like I would only be there short-term.) Any advice would be lovely! Thanks!

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