Snow day




J Crew blythe silk blouse, toothpick cords, boots/GAP eversoft striped circle hem sweater/Bauble Bar necklace

One would think that by now I would be quite over winter, and in fact, I was just getting my head around the upcoming seasonal change. Mother nature on the other hand had other plans and brought about one heck of a quiet, blanketed snow “storm” which caused for a day of play yesterday. I was over the moon pleased with the chance to sleep in on a Wednesday with hubs in tow. No plans lay before us. I invested in breakfast and explored a new muffin recipe. Did a load of laundry and curled up to our long Hulu queue. I even felt adventurous enough to venture out with my snow boots and balance my feet on the ice (well, flailing arms were definitely having their moment a few times, but to be expected from this Florida transplant). Although a snowstorm such as this one can bring forth disruption and inconvenient challenges, I couldn’t help but enjoy the break it caused to an unassuming, monotonous week.


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