Team spirit




Anthropologie unconditional osier dress, checkerbead belt/JCrew cardigan/Madewell the zipcode booties

I dusted off this dress the other night with intentions of sporting a certain hubs’ alma mater colors of black and blue. You see, our team was actually in town for an away basketball game so we found cheap tickets that would sit us somewhere up above and made a date out of it with dinner beforehand. I had initially thought that wearing a dainty lace dress wouldn’t be such a drift from the typical sportswear apparel some adorn to root on their team. However, after a long day of work and dropping temps to consider, this gal gave it all up for the comfort of her jeans and a dainty lace top instead (of course not pictured). The refs game did not end up working in our favor so with our heads down low and sullen expressions, we ended the night in the most appropriate way I could think of – indulging in a generous portion of ice cream 😉


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