H&M top/JCrew boucle peplum jacket, toothpick cords/Anthro fanned shine booties/UO bag

By design, I don’t typically enjoy getting dressed up for big events. Sure, I’m all about personal style and clothes but dressing up for me is this sometimes painful experience where I’m teetering somewhere between overly fancy or bordering on too casual. Hmmm, just can’t seem to quite get it right sometimes. Perhaps it’s due to paying close attention to my daily ensembles that create the “I dressed up for life today” motif. I’m already more fancy than necessary at work or a shopping trip to Target, so when it comes time to really jazz things up for say, a more serious environment, I don’t even know where to begin.

This is where a jacket like the JCrew boucle can be a life saver for me. It creates a tailored silhouette layered over nearly anything, and makes me feel/look a bit more put together. Plus, its peplum-skirt effect kicks it up a notch from the snooze-induced style that some blazers tend to deliver. I want to look creative but still be taken seriously. So do tell, are there any other tricks of the trade that can make one look polished but not so much “stuffy”?


7 thoughts on “Peplum-style

  1. Looove the peplum jacket on you! I usually try to throw in one fun element, like maybe a pair of coral pumps with a conservative navy dress, to make an outfit pop.

    • Thanks Thea! I hadn’t noticed the jacket before but then recently spotted it by its lonesome at the sales rack and was sold! Thanks for the tip on brightening up my feet to rebel against conservative wear 😉

  2. I love this blazer on you! Great outfit- I love how the ankle boots keep the whole outfit very contemporary. I always fall back on blazers to make any outfit professional, and I love the feminine details of this one. Good find!

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