Abode love




Urban Outfitters daydreamer LA peplum tee/F21 skinnies/Free People artisan loop scarf/Anthro easy-peasy blazer/Target kaelyn ankle booties

I was recently reading over a few of my blog posts from back when we found out we’d be moving to Charlottesville. There was a mix of excitement and anticipation regarding the new change and one of the major milestones was finding a home that was affordable, manageable, and in close proximity to our extracurricular affairs (read: restaurants and ice cream joints). We toured a few places but nothing stood out or invoked any feelings of comfort or longevity. One place was too small, the other too old, the next one was located among noisy undergrads, the following one lacked storage space. And so the list continued, leaving us both restless and frustrated. At one point we figured we’d just need to come to terms with the notion that we shouldn’t expect for all our needs to be met and that we wherever we’d settle we’d find a way to make it work. One gloomy and cold afternoon in town, while tucked away in Barnes & Noble with chai lattes in hand, we found a listing for a location right near downtown, almost-new, with wooden floors and plenty of storage space. And, the place came equipped with two whole bedrooms so that we could conduct business during the day and host friends for sleepovers at night! We viewed the place the following morning and realized right away that we had found our home. Shutting out the former tenant’s belongings I started envisioning our belongings in the new place, drawing up plans of decorating, picturing us whipping up a meal in the kitchen or one pestering the other behind the bathroom door (am I the only one who has trouble sharing the bathroom in the morning?).

The rest is history and we’ve renewed our lease for another year. Since we’ve moved in I have taken my time in slowly understanding the space, identifying our needs, and locating items that reflect our personal style and aesthetic tendencies. Some purchases required little to no investment, while others took more time to save up for and hawl up those darn stairs. I enjoy the organic process of adding pieces as we go and flushing out items that cause redundancy or  underwhelm. I’ve accepted the notion that what I like today may not be what I still treasure next year, but I try to distinguish between investment pieces and accessorizing. Our latest investment was in a kilim, otherwise known as that eye-catching tapestry-woven rug that’s serving as the backdrop to today’s OOTD. Originating from a Balkan country I am all too familiar with its patterned motif and had been lusting of owning one for some time. I initiated my search on Turkish websites and even solicited my dad to be on the lookout at the local markets for a kilim artisan. Globalization has its highs and lows, and in this particular instance I celebrated World Market for importing this traditional decor to my doorstep for a fraction of the cost that traveling entails. Every time I step on it a small smile emerges as I look around, feeling quite at home in my surroundings.


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