4 JCrew blythe silk shirt/Anthro scalloped dots skirt & a timely affair necklace/AE dotted tights/Target kaelyn ankle booties

During my New York City visit recap I erroneously forgot to mention our visit to the Brooklyn Academy of Music. While preparing for our trip, I set off exploring on how to keep ourselves entertained through the live arts. At the last minute I found out that So Percussion*,  a Brooklyn-based quartet, was performing during our first night in town. It was a rushed decision but I’m so glad that we made it. We got on the train from Bed-Stuy, brazing ourselves in the winter cold, and set off for the new adventure. I had done my preliminary research and was very much looking forward to it. It seemed different than anything I had ever heard, and boy was I right. It was an eclectic fusion of music, performance, art, and acting. It was a whole new genre that I didn’t quite know what to make of it, but was repeatedly drawn in to capture its essence. I’m so glad we arranged our schedule to attend the show. It reminded me to continue pursuing the unknown, discover new ways of interpreting the world, and to seek adventures. I couldn’t help myself and signed up for the BAM newsletter so I’m always in the know about upcoming events. All the way in Virginia 😉 Well, let’s just say it’s my subconsciousness gently reminding me to reach for the stars and always keep my dreams near.

* If you want to learn more, check out this great recap of the show.


One thought on “BAM

  1. That sounds like so much fun! I absolutely agree. I think we all need reminders sometimes to step outsize of our comfort zone so that we can have experiences like this. I love the double dots – that skirt is so pretty.

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