The sale game



6 Anthro variegations cabled sweater, fancified boatneck, disc fringed necklace/JCrew matchstick cords/Target kaelyn ankle booties

I may be alone on this one, but there are times when I am introduced to an item for the very first time once it hits sale. This can occur for a few reasons: one theory is that the original price is so outlandishly, stratispherically high, that purchasing said item is out of my reality; another plausible theory is that said item simply went unseen, as in, never noticed to begin with, regardless of price (this can happen when I’m focused on a particular trend and shun everything else outside of my periphery); then there those times when I do notice said item but feel on the fence about it, pondering as to whether it fits my lifestyle. This is the story of the Variegations Cabled sweater at Anthropologie. Since we’re being honest here, I first noticed the sweater on an older woman at Trader Joe’s, and immediately thought two things: 1) that sweater is amazing, and 2) that sweater must be from Anthro. Sure enough, I was right, and was able to spot it on the sale rack, jammed in between equally-shaded cousins during the holiday season. I was suprised to find one in my size but once on, a connection was made and I didn’t think twice about it. Although it’s first debut makes an appearance on the blog today, I’ve worn it countless times during my trip to NYC, visiting the in-laws in NC, and here in Charlottesville over the weekend. This thing has gotten around! It’s like my fancy version of a Snuggie. I call it, my Anthro Snuggie 🙂


3 thoughts on “The sale game

  1. Oh, I love this snuggie variant! It looks so great with the bright cropped pants! It reminds me of the Knitting Needle cardigan from anthro a few years back that I lusted after. It’s rarely cold enough indoors for me to wear cuddly sweaters though…oddly enough. It’s currently -25 outside and probably +25 in my apartment. I think there’s something wrong with that!

  2. I wanted that wrap since the first time I saw it but never snatched it up because at 5’1″ it would just eat me up. Maybe I’ll still try to find one even just to wear at home.

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