6 J crew blythe blouse in polka dot, toothpick cords/Gap sweater/Madewell the zipcode boot/Firmoo c/o glasses

For the longest time I never thought glasses were cool, okay? I don’t know, it seemed as if everyone that wore them wasn’t happy with the additional accessory, plus, it exuded nerd alert. I kept noticing among friends that contact lenses were the preferred option for camouflaging imperfect vision and the goal was to stay clear from glasses. Then, in the last few years of so, glasses have become a way for people to express their individuality and style. Plenty of new and chic, thick frames came on to the scene and for the first time ever, I found myself wanting a pair! Seeing Jenna Lyons rocking them time and time again didn’t help matters either. I felt left out for having a 20/20 vision and instead wanted to sport the trend along with everyone else.

Well, the friendly folks at Firmoo offered me the chance to jump on board with the trend and sent over a pair of non-prescribed frames (I picked the #SD2312 pair).  They came swiftly in the mail a quick few days after placing my order. I found myself overly excited about opening up the package and exploring a new way of reinventing my appearance. Now I’m not an expert on glasses by any means, except for the occasional trips to Lens Crafters as Dr. Love searches for his favored pair. The frames were sturdy, I loved the enclosed case, and once on, I felt a *tad* bit smarter 🙂

DSCN4241    DSCN4243

So, in the event that you’re on the market for either a new pair of legit prescription glasses, or want to take the shortcut like I did and dazzle yourself with a non-prescribed pair, you should check out Firmoo. They have what’s called the First Pair Free Program, where you can receive a free pair and only pay for shipping. They also offer a virtual try-on system where you can try on frames by uploading your own photo. I enjoyed that I could go back to explore other non-prescription options at an inexpensive cost, plus, they also offer sunglasses.

Thanks Firmoo for stepping up my nerd game!


9 thoughts on “Goggles

  1. I am (obviously) a big fan of glasses:) I really like these! Isn’t it funny how 1 pair of glasses can totally change your whole appearance? I think I like you in glasses!!!!!

  2. I love your look from head-to-toe – and the “nerd” glasses seem to be a perfect finishing touch to your outfit!
    (I had Lasik a few years ago and after surgery, it was like the world opened up to me – even being able to see the alarm clock first thing in the morning was fantastic!)

    • Thanks Lisa! So Lasik, I bet that was an amazing change like you said. I just have always taken my eye sight for granted so could not imagine not being able to depend on them. These glasses are providing me with a new perspective 😉

  3. You look ridiculously cute in those glasses – alas in such pairs I come across nerdy in an awful way. Which hasn’t quite prevented me from purchasing more pairs if only to wear them at home. (The boy doesn’t discriminate!)

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