Signature plaid




2 J crew perfect shirt in suckered tartan/Anthro mirabell skirt, refraction bag, fanned shine booties

One of my recent new loves has been the hit TV show “Girls”. I know that they’ve been literally everywhere lately with the premiere of Season 2 last night compounded by the two Golden Globe wins (best television series musical or comedy and best performance by an actress in a television series musical or comedy).  I don’t have cable so over the holidays had been not so patiently sitting on my hands until Netflix finally came through. I sucked in all the episodes like a delicious milkshake and gave myself a brainfreeze, it was that good. I appreciate its raw, jagged, imperfect but brilliant cast that oftentimes leave me dumbfounded by their decision-making. I love that no one has it all figured out, that they’re exploring topics that not many of us want to exclaim out loud, and like an addict, I’m fiending for the new episodes and am THIS close to ordering HBO. Until then, I’ve got the soundtrack on repeat, cause I’m a junkie like that.

For anyone interested, the Anthro fanned shine booties were a surprising success. I sway between an 8.5 and 9 in sizing and the 8.5s fit great (but I also tend to size down in Miss Albright shoes). Their shiny-metallic flair are a conversation starter for sure, so be wary of the extra attention they tend to bring 🙂


4 thoughts on “Signature plaid

  1. I STILL have not got into Girls – I never made it past Episode 3 of Season 1 but I hear it gets better so I will resume watching .. soon?

    (love the tartan shirt!)

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