Victoria’s Secret



13 J Crew sandwashed silk tee/Anthro ag stevie slim ankle jeans & refraction bag/gifted scarf/aldo booties

When I looked at myself in the mirror the other day wearing this outfit, I was reminded of my brief stint at Victoria’s Secret. It was the holiday season senior year of college and I had the bright idea of finding a part-time job at the local mall. I can’t say how I went with the choice of selling lingerie. The motivation might have been inspired by my growing collection of cotton VS undies. Or I was intrigued by the fact that VS sales associates all wore fancy black suits while American Eagle counterparts were adorned in ripped jeans and graphic tees (another favorite of mine back in the day that came as a close, second contender). I took the job interview seriously and got all dolled up for the interview, nervous that I wouldn’t meet the “cute” criteria and get the part. While landing the gig, I was also instructed to come back ready to work in fancy black pants and jacket. So I had to spend more money for my newly minimum-paying job. The irony of it all fascinates me. Maybe I should have gone to AE after all. The dress code required that 90% of my outfit had to be black, so I could only experiment with color via tops. Perhaps inspired by the tissue paper and store displays, I had the tendency of devoting that remaining 10% to the color pink. The creative juices were overflowing back then 🙂 Thankfully the job only lasted for a couple of months (found out that the job was not nearly as exciting or glamorous as I’d dreamed it up to be) and I went out with more lingerie than I had use (and creativity!) for and a greater desire to never work in a mall setting again*. Since then, everytime I see these two colors paired together I’m often taken back to pink measurement tapes and bra cup sizes, horay!

*I know what you may be thinking, but the current situation is completely different 🙂


5 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret

    • Hi Lisa, the tote bag was sort of an impulse buy but definitely has proven to be a smart addition as I use it all the time. As for VS, black and pink definitely are a good fit for working there, but since I don’t have the most favorable memories associated with the place, I tend to stray from the color combo 😉

  1. Your post gave me a laugh as I too am a former VS employee. However, the VS stores I worked in were a *very* different entity than the stores of today. When I worked there during college (late 1980s/early 1990s….showing my age!) the VS stores had a very feminine, English/Victorian look. The ambience was something out of a Jane Austen novel. Ivory tones and delicate floral wallpaper, classical music….everything suggested elegance and femininity, with just a hint of seduction (given the offerings within the store). We had these pretty ivory gift boxes and this gorgeous trademark floral tissue paper of which customers always wanted a little extra, because it was so different and so pretty. People always commented how great the store smelled, and the fragrance was just a combination of all the pretty bath products and fragrances that were offered (very different than today’s products). Employees were required to wear skirts or dresses – pants were not allowed at all (much to my chagrin, at the time….like you I had to invest in some work-appropriate attire in order to be an employee there.) I loved the store’s feel, and that was part of what enticed me to work there (along with the beautiful lingerie it offered). However, I quit before I had finished college and by mid-1993 the store had undergone a huge transformation! The walls were papered (or painted) with these big fuchsia and dark pink stripes. In fact, *everything* was bright pink! Although I think I may recall animal print carpet in one of the stores? The look had gone from English countryside to (questionably) classy bordello. The only thing I personally appreciated about the change was that the employees could now wear pants. 🙂 Since then the look and feel of the store has changed further, with the addition of the Pink line, among other things. It’s much more akin to Frederick’s of Hollywood now, whereas before they were as different as could be. I rarely go inside a VS anymore as its style and offerings just don’t appeal to me. And I often miss the “good old days” of the store, which seems to have really strayed far from what it once was. Funny, when I think about it, I think that the VS of old was kind of like what Anthro is today – the stores offered a unique shopping *experience* and the offerings were unusual and feminine and made you feel special.

    • Tulip219, thank you so much for sharing with me your experience of working at ol’ VS. Loved hearing about how completely different the store was and how appealing it sounded. I can hardly believe that the store that’s brought us the Pink line and Brazilian models in itty bitty lingerie was once a classy establishment 😉 And as I was reading your positive experience every time you were in the store, I too immediately thought of Anthro and how it evokes those same feelings. It blows my mind at how much VS has changed. I worked there in 2004 and agree that since then, I hardly go in at all. Perhaps only during their semi-annual sale. Otherwise, there’s nothing appealing about the store and have definitely noticed that the SAs look a bit sloppy at times and I’m not seeing that 90-10 rule enforced!

  2. This post made me laugh out loud! I never took you for a VS employee considering I hardly step foot into the store right across the st from my apartment. It’s sad there is so many unappealing items in there and it’s probably wishful thinking to hope it would go back to Tulip219’s version no?

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