Try on for size

With this crazy extra 30% off sale that Anthro is having, in addition to the new markdowns today, a sudden urge hit me to order a few things. Coincidentally they’re all items I’ve never seen in person (with the exception of the top) so let’s see if (hopefully not) everything will work out.

dun blanket booties Dun Blanket Booties

Don’t ask me why but I think these booties are just the coolest. I’ve never owned anything like them and I couldn’t even recite what items from my closet would complement them well, but all I know is that sometimes, it’s good to color outside the lines…let’s see if this rings true in practicality.

striped and pleated mini dressStriped & Pleated Mini Dress

I had been swooning over this dress for some time but when I saw the additional markdown this morning it seemed like fair game. I ordered a size up from my usual to compensate for the “mini” in its title, so let’s hope that the additional room flatters in leg coverage rather than frumping my style.

labyrinthine cuff Labyrinthine Cuff

This one hopped its way from wishlist to cart simply due to its recent sale. It was about time!

fanned shine booties Fanned Shine Booties

More booties you may be asking? I know, I know. I don’t have an answer for you either, except to say that I’ve found myself favoring booties all fall/winter long, forgetting about the tallies (tall boots you guys!). I actually did see these cuties in person at the Rockefeller store last month but couldn’t locate my right size. They’re a bit dazzle-me-delight, but let’s see if I can tone them down.

static blouseStatic Blouse

When I’m on the fence about something at Anthro, what sometimes happens is that said item sells out of my size and I’m left to wonder whether I did the right thing. That, or I place an order for the next size up. I like the back and recently realized it’s not as scandalous as I had initially thought. Plus, tweed AND silk? Keepin’ it classy done right.

So, do tell, anyone else experiencing the sudden urge to make some last-minute Anthro purchases?


6 thoughts on “Try on for size

  1. I ordered that Ace and Jig dress, too. Only I ordered a size down bc everyone said it ran huge! Uh oh! I hope it’s not too scandalous!! Lol! I also picked up the Glitzen Frame Blazer for my upcoming birthday dinner (sight unseen, hope it works!), the Zowie Acorn necklace and Speckled Petunia Vase. Great prices and since the 30% off was still applying, I didn’t mind shipping costs.

  2. There are a couple of things I’d love to pick up (oh god- I want another Vintage Vanga dress so bad!) but these days the whole process to order online or from a store is sooooo convoluted for me I can’t justify an order unless it’s something I really, really, really desire! On the other hand, at least I have a real store I can shop at now!

    There are a ton of really cute things in the sale section right now that I’d love to try! I think your booties selections look great!

    • Yey for finally getting a store nearby. It makes a great deal of difference when you can try things on, touch and feel, and check out things that wouldn’t normally be on your radar. And yes, let’s hope the booties work out!

  3. The Static Blouse is on my list of item to get, I saw two SA at Anthro wear it and I LOVE IT!!! It is sheer but a black tank top underneath or a nude one would do the trick, it really drapes really well. My only concern is that it is probably a dry clean only item which makes it kind of a bummer for me since I try to buy items that I can wash easily. Hopefully you’ll be able to try it or buy it, it’s a real beauty. I haven’t gotten it but it’s def my next purchase.

    I love the new look for your blog also!

    • The Static Blouse seems to be a popular pick from what I can tell. And you’re right, you can play with so many colors when layering underneath. Crossing my fingers its a winner!

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