I’ve got the blues





Anthro chignon dress, pindot tights/JCrew space-dyed cardigan/Stella & Dot scarf/Madewell the zipcode boot

When I was a young girl, I remember my mom having the habit of saving and preserving anything newly acquired. She would try and instill those same values in me but being the stubborn gal at times that I am, my tendencies led me to wear/use new said item right away and enjoy its “it” factor. Fast forward to current times and the same remains: I have to remind and gently press on to mom that it’s okay to use that new towel she bought or light that candle I gifted her. And as for myself, I don’t hold back in ripping off the tag of a new dress I purchased days ago and wear it out for a long day at work. If I leave it sitting there, in the basket of belts, clutches, and returns, it will be forgotten and I won’t revel in the joy it gave me when I first landed my eyes on it. This way, on me, I can take said dress out for a spin and remind myself throughout the day of living in the present.

**On a completely unrelated note 🙂 the Gators played and lost at the Allstate Sugarbowl last night. I was left sorely disappointed so in solidarity to my alma mater, I’m sporting a little orange and blue in hopes for a better upcoming season. Chomp chomp!


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