Starting off bright





Anthro eastward dress coat, blomma cross-stitched skirt, brass & band booties/JCrew fair isle sweater, elephant necklace

I spent almost 2 weeks away from the office, which meant that I had the luxury to go into full vacation mode, followed by visiting family and then a drawn-out few days of pure laziness. It was an amazing treat and something that I got accustomed to quite easily. When the alarm clock rang its little way into my consciousness it was a rude awakening that got me out off bed grumbling and stumbling. To turn things around and present myself in a somewhat decent mood, I selected a few cheerful items from my closet in order to get this year started off right! This coat is one of my favorites because its unexpected cheerful color for an outerwear always draws out compliments and makes the dreary cold weather a tad bit more bearable.


7 thoughts on “Starting off bright

  1. Too funny, I am wearing the exact same skirt today with the space dyed cowlneck in the orange color. Since I live in FL, I have bare legs and goldish heels. Such a pretty skirt. Love how you styled it with the pretty jacket, cream sweater, tights and booties.

  2. Dea, I’m loving the new blog format! Looks great!! I just adore your coat. I wish I would have jumped on back when it was on sale. You look fab.

  3. Welcome to your beautiful new digs! I took the opposite tack today to ease back into the workworld/ wean myself off the couch, by going muted. But I love your colourful take to wake things up again- the coat and skirt are a great mix together. I love the wintry corals!

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