GAP snood/Anthro slubby a-line tee/ATL double pleat boot skirt/Anthro tights & bowed lacerta mary-janes
Now that the weather has officially turned cold it makes perfect sense to layer on the scarves but honestly, I always seem to forget that final accessory when I get dressed in the mornings. Too many times I’ve come across bloggers, magazine images and pretty peeps on the street effortlessly flaunting their scarves this way and that, creating the illusion that scarves are a no-brainer, but for me, it’s definitely a process. Take this outfit I wore last week as exhibit A. It took me a good 15 minutes to think about what to pair with this thick and cozy neck-warmer. Thinking sweaters may add bulk and dresses may be a stretch (at the time, but now that I’m revisiting the concept I quite like the idea) I went into neutral territory with the color motif. Although a fan of how the outfit turned out, I still would like to hone in my skills in the how-to-layer-scarves-on-effortlessly department.

5 thoughts on “Cravat

  1. Oh I love this and the skirt looks just like one I just saw tonight at the Kate Spade outlet…color, shape, and inverted pleat! I struggle with scarves too and end up wearing it the same way every time.

  2. You look wonderful, Dea! And I agree – I also make the mistake of leaving off a scarf that would have really "finished" an outfit. I'm now on the hunt for a large square scarf that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

  3. audreybella- a kate spade lookalike? I'll take it, especially since the skirt was only $30!carol- I know, the scarf options are endless so there's even more pressure to find "the one".

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