Madewell dotted chambray boyshirt/JCrew cords/Anthro whispered trail boots
Yesterday I discussed my efforts in reviewing old posts to correctly label my clothes. What I didn’t mention is the feelings that come up when reviewing myself in the past tense. From a young age I’ve been pretty consistent in documenting my thoughts through journals and diaries (they’re the same thing, right?) but through blogging I’ve been able to capture myself in actual time at specific moments in my life. 
I started documenting outfits and random thoughts via this blog three years ago at a time when not much was certain. We had just made a big transition to a new town, driven a little by fear and a lot by heart. The winds tossed us this way and that but we kept on and eventually landed on solid ground. Although I didn’t let much on through the posts, the journey had its highs and lows. I look back through these old pictures and posts and am reminded of past concerns, minor milestones, significant celebrations and wishful thinking. I think about how things once were, what they have become, and what they have potential to be. Time has been a consistent theme in my mind as of late, wondering if it’s being utilized to its full potential and how it continues to bring forth change. This all may also have to do with an upcoming birthday in a few weeks 😉

One thought on “Reminisce

  1. sweet! It is interesting to be able to look back through this more visual diary (and illuminating to reflect on what was happening behind the sunny statements). Happy upcoming birthday!Chambray and orange= true love

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