A process

anthro slubby a-line tee/j crew no.2 wool pencil skirt/anthro brass & band booties /target scarf
Although I have accrued a plentiful collection of clothes, shoes and accessories, it doesn’t make getting dressed any easier. Sometimes during those hectic mornings when I’m staring at my closet all perplexed-like, thinking to myself: “what will it be today?”, I peruse through what feels like, everything I own. I try to think back to memorable outfits from blogger friends and attempt to recreate my own version. If I have a little extra time I’ll start flipping through magazines or Anthro catalogs for a little inspiration (not to leave out the genius of what JCrew does with color). If that doesn’t get the job done, I try to remember Pinterest and validate the countless hours I’ve spent putting together inspirational boards. For when all of those options fail to provide assistance, I default to wearing the most recently purchased item so I can justify my investment 🙂
Such was the case this morning as I built my outfit around this brightly colored/patterned scarf I purchased not too long ago. I had it layered over my chair for days, contemplating on whether its SW motif was a fading trend or encompassed lasting power. Finally this morning, I took charge and told myself I’d make the most out of that $15. Case closed.
Do tell dear friends, what helps in putting yourself together every morning? Ever had a face-off with an accessory before?

2 thoughts on “A process

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