Treasure Box(es)

j crew dress/necklace via ebay/anthro tights & whispered trail boots
During the last weekend of October, my friend and I ventured out to Lynchburg in high anticipation of attending one of J Crew’s warehouse sales. I had been to a few before (the luck of living in college towns) but this was her first time. I told her there would be madness, boxes upon boxes of messy and overturned clothes, but great deals. I hadn’t ventured far from what I had told her because friends, this sale was great. No, I take it back, it was wonderful and we spent about 4 hours basking in treasure hunting. The prices were as follows: $20 dresses ($50 for wedding dresses), $10 tops (including blouses!!), $10 bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants, jeans), $15 sweaters ($20 for cashmere), and $20 flats, $10 wellies, $30 shoes/sandals, $50 boots. It was like the J Crew gods (with a Jenna Lyons cameo) had smiled down upon me with open arms. The story wrapped up with the two us dragging heavy duty bags towards the car, ashamed of all the money spent and clothes amassed, yet we couldn’t stop gushing on the excitement that’s envoked over good unbelievable deals.
The lovely Alexis posted here that the next sale is scheduled in Arden, NC. If you’re nearby, I higly recommend!

One thought on “Treasure Box(es)

  1. Love that purple dress!I was in NC last weekend and I visited the clearance store in Arden. Sadly, I missed the warehouse sale by a few days, but I still found some great deals at the clearance store. I have been to one of the warehouse sales before though and I know how crazy (but totally worth it) they are. I'm glad you found some great things!

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