Oh hi, HEY there!

Over the last few weeks I stopped blogging because I needed a break to reflect on things. Some time away from recording my outfits and making myself produce posts that I wasn’t sure really needed to be written. If there’s one thing long-time readers may know about me is that I think. a lot. Some would argue more than necessary, but it’s always made sense for me to find meaning in what I do (and don’t do).

I started my blog towards the end of 2009 as a way to explore this new concept of documenting personal style of my (almost) daily outfits. I really didn’t think anyone would come across it and really, the blog was more about me and less about gaining followers. Slowly over time, I began to pick up readers and then started forming “blogging relationships” through comments and emails. I even had great luck in being able to meet some of these bloggers and find out in person how amazing they really are. As time progressed so did the popularity of blogging. Professional photography and C/O outfits started becoming more of the trend, and there was a small part of me that was curious about what that might be like: having a fancy photographer husband/lover/friend capture my daily style rather than my iphone and its multiple filters, scouting various locations for the photoshoots instead of standing in front of my closet facing the mirror, receiving clothes at no cost rather than frowning at the total displayed on my cc bill. It wasn’t that any of these things were my long-term goal, but I didn’t know if there was a place for my blog or if there existed real longevity in my posts.

So I decided to take a break and see what it would be like to no longer feel responsible for blogging, no longer attempt to produce thought-inducing posts or snap pictures of myself in the mornings before heading off to work. With the extra time on my hands I explored other interests and hobbies, but I also didn’t stray too far and became acquainted with new blogs that didn’t just focus on personal style but encompassed cooking, design, parenting and lifestyle. And as I kept clicking through various posts I discovered that many others have experienced the same blogging blues. The more I read the more I realized the following: blogging has to be enjoyable! It’s such a simple concept but with time, most things can become a routine. I find bloggers who are a true inspiration when it comes to the degree of creativity they apply to their content, whether it’s coming up with an outfit or decorating a room. There are those who have amazing talent and showcase their work because it provides them satisfaction, exposure, and an ability to subsidize their craft. For me, I just want this little space of mine to stay pure and for enjoyment. I love fashion and sharing myself, so this platform has been an outlet of sorts. It was never about gaining popularity or turning blogging into my main squeeze.

So I return because I realized that the blogs I favor the most are the ones that genuinely celebrate who they are. Give me an affordable and attainable outfit any day over couture – that’s what magazines and fashion shows are for. I enjoy a creative and relatable style. Something that reflects the individual wearing it and the lifestyle they lead.

So glossy images and fantabulous locations aside, here I am in all my glory, making an entrance in chambray 🙂                                                                                                                         


     jcrew chambray shirt/anthro mirabell skirt & berry bush tights/target booties


16 thoughts on “Unfolding

  1. You've been missed, Dea! I have always appreciated your chic but simple aesthetic and your thoughtful posts. You're proof that you don't need to pour it all on to have style.I've gone back through my outfit archives a bit a few days ago and was a big aghast at some of the ensembles that I had put together in the past. I think for a bit I was too caught up into putting together "blog-worthy" outfits that ended up being a bit too over-the-top-I-can't-believe-I-wore-that-in-public outfits. One thing I enjoy about my blog is that it's been a way for me to see how I've evolved stylistically (?) through the seasons.

  2. Awww Lisa, a virtual hug is headed your way!! I can attest to similar feelings that you mentioned. I've looked back at some outifts thinking to myself: "who's that?" It was either influence from another blogger or just trying too hard!

  3. Hi Dea! I'm glad to see you back, even if it's once in a while. I've always enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your simple yet stylish outfits. So, you're reading up on some parenting blogs, hmm… 😉 Joking. Hope you and Dr. Love have been doing well.

  4. SarahV- thanks very much for your support and for continuing to come by. Much appreciated :)Gemma- hey hey hey! Parenting blogs can be informational….for various reasons 😉 It's great hearing from you!Usha- big hugs for the warm wishes. Appreciate the support 🙂

  5. I really liked this post! Blogging IS about what makes you happy. I recently converted my blog because I felt I had pigeon-holed myself into only writing about shopping. Now I'm writing a lifestyle blog instead, and loving exploring all I can do with it! I always love checking in on your style, and I'm glad you're back!Christinahttp://www.christinadoes.com

  6. I enjoy your blog and find your content to be honest and enjoyable to read because (though you are younger than I am) your style is translatable (is that a word?) to my lifestyle. I find inspiration in your outfits and thoughts!

  7. Welcome back! I was happy to see you pop up in the reader today:)I hear you on the step back. Perspective is always a good thing. My favorite (I include yours in that list!) blogs are ones where the content feels like a natural extension of the blogger-not forced, not a million glossy magazine like photos. One of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog is that it's always authentic.

  8. So glad you're 'staying with us'! I love, love, love that blogs can be simple and low-key and we can feel part of a smaller community online. It's not necessary to have increasingly wackadoodle and $$$ outfits, nor profesional photography, to share your sense of everyday style. And that's what we all love to share with you!I keep getting these emails now from companies that want shared linking and advertising. yuck. small is nice.

  9. christinadoes- I'm glad that you made adjustments to your blogging rather than stopping alltogether. We can reinvent ourselves anytime and are made up of more than just aspect of our lives. Cheers!Anon- translatable works! Thanks very much for your comment and happy to give back any drop of inspiration the way so many others send my way.Courtnee- thanks very much for the kind words. I keep coming back to you (blog that is!) for those exact reasons. Plus, all the amazing things you do with print and color!thatdamngreendress- love small communities too! And I hear you on those emails, they seem so irrelevant to what we're doing.anon- thanks very much! Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing but love for beautiful pictures, just don't have the talent around me to showcase it!

  10. Glad you're back! I love your style and it's much more inspiring to me to see your outfits, and your thoughts on building a wardrobe and the meaning of it all, than the glossy sites and magazines! Blogs like yours have replaced magazines for me–I've let my subscriptions to fashion mags lapse.Looking forward to all your new posts, and to see what you got from the jcrew sale!Margo

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