Hard to miss

j crew tee
gap cropped pants
seychelles sandals

Sometimes as I get dressed in the morning I think about what I’d like my outfit to say about me. Today I obviously wanted to be noticed because I paired bright red with stripes and neon pink. I think that those around me have taken note that I don’t shy away from color and will not give in to the blanket of grays, brown, and black that outfit the rest. The problem with such standout pieces however, is that they’re harder to forget than say, that black, button-down cardigan. I realized this as an office mate approached me the other week, stating that she didn’t think she’d seen me wear the same thing twice :O

Staying true to my plans, this past weekend we ventured out to a nearby orchard and went apple picking for the very first time. The view was beautiful and we walked away with a heavy bag of apples, accompanied by savory cider and delicious donuts. I have a feeling those apples will play in heavy rotation at our upcoming meals, or maybe more like desserts.
(sugar-induced silliness)

3 thoughts on “Hard to miss

  1. That's the bad part for those of us who love color and pattern – what we wear is normally a lot more memorable so we can't necessarily get away with wearing the same thing very often. That's OK though, it's not like my closet has limited selection, and it's a challenge to figure how to wear a piece in interesting new ways.I am loving the bright pink with the red. I adore that color combo.

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