Candy cane

J Crew chambray shirt & No. 2 pencil skirt in deck stripe
BCBG wedges

I know it’s silly but I get a wee bit too excited upon locating a hard to find item. I had been eyeing this skirt from afar for a few months but didn’t think it was anything I really “needed”, and I was never able to find it in my store. A couple of weeks ago I managed to find it in my size and once on, as the saying goes: the rest was history. Definitely reminiscent of an unseasonal candy cane, but I don’t mind it one bit.

9 thoughts on “Candy cane

  1. I know what you mean – I find that same excitement when I stumble across (or track down) a piece that is "sold out" or hard to find. It looks great! I agree with Jan, it has a very nautical feel.

  2. I have this skirt too! I love pairing it with a black or navy petit bateau tee…it makes me think of something Jackie O would've worn on Cape Cod. Looks gorgeous on you!

  3. Jan – nautical indeed, but can't help but think of the Xmas candy!Kristin – it's like a momentous occassion, silly as it may sound.Ashley – yey for having it too! I'm thrilled with it also and a bit sad that the summer's almost over.Sarah – thanks so much!Margo – great pairing ideas for the skirt, will definitely keep them in mind ;)Lisa – hey, we all have to tempt sooner or later. I say go for it, it's a clasic piece 🙂

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