Thinking about it

When I started blogging almost 3 years ago (can’t believe it myself) I had no idea I’d carry on for as long as I have. Honestly, it was a brand new concept for me: posting almost on a regular basis about the outfits I wore. At first, I didn’t tell any of my friends about it for fear of ridicule or incomprehension. I didn’t think anyone would care and I certainly didn’t think I had what it took to publicize any of my sartorial attempts. Yet I have continued to keep up with it for various reasons. One of my reasons is purely selfish – I really do like documenting what I wear because it gives me a better idea of what works on me and what doesn’t, what styles I gravitate towards and what I should leave alone, and it also serves as a great reminder to (try at least) shop less and recreate newness what what I already own. Another motivation for sticking around if you will, is that I really do enjoy the interactions that I’m able to carry with like-minded ladies who enjoy putting some effort into their clothes and like to explore their inner-fashionista in everyday, non-fashionista settings (think office instead of runway, errands instead of destination photoshoots). As much as I like to curl up next to my magazines and go to my happy place, I have a hard time identifying with the models and the glamorous lives of celebrities that have taken over the fashion industry. What’s nurtured the need for relatedness has been the existence of regular ladies who have an eye for creativity, design, and self-expression. It’s actually a beautiful thing because rather than entering the inevitable comparison funk that I’ll never be as skinny/beautiful/perfect/flawless, my thoughts have been replaced with appreciating the simplicity of someone (a girl just like me who maybe shops a little too much or pays extra attention to the outfit details), who shares herself in the adventures of getting dressed and life. As much as I take comfort in keeping up with my blog,having access to fellow bloggers has been a unique treat worth mentioning. I appreciate reading that I’m not the only one overthinking what to wear on Monday morning, or getting excited about the new Fall trends coming up this season.

Looking back at previous posts I see the transition that has taken place and my evolution of personal style. It seems to reflect my mood, my age, my bank account!, and most of all, my influences. It’s been a lot of fun seeing what has been and looking forward to what will become 🙂

J Crew scoopneck blouse in anchors aweigh  
J Crew No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton
Nine West wedges

5 thoughts on “Thinking about it

  1. Congratulations! I love your blog and your style. I've also noticed a shift in my personal style(simpler…maybe?) and like you I get more inspiration from real women bloggers than magazines. My mag purchases are mostly cooking/design specific and less fashion. I haven't even taken the giant Vogue Sept issue out of the plastic wrap! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Congratulations. I enjoy your blog and your style. I'm a little older and my style is shifting again after a couple of mistakes (nothing major, but now ignoring the sale goggles).

  3. I was just thinking the other day, while reading a fashion magazine, that I much prefer fashion blogs like yours these days to the magazines. Seeing the style of real, very stylish people like you is so much more inspiring to me! I get great outfit ideas, and it's heartening to meet (if only virtually) kindred spirits who also love fashion. In many American cities it's rare to really care about clothes, and it's nice to come online and see real people who do. Keep up the great blog, Dea! Your posts always cheer me up at the end of the day!

  4. Courtnee – I love your blog as well! And I agree, I've started transitioning (a little bit) away from fashion mags and headed more towards design and cooking, as well. I guess I'm starting to feel the pressure of being a more well-rounded gal :)Bronzi – Thanks for your kind words. I think style is meant to shift, it's what's so fun about personal style and fashion, and yes, those sale goggles sure can cause unintended trouble!Margo – you're very sweet and many thanks for the kind words. I completely agree that even by meeting kindred spirits virtually it helps to stay inspired and not compare oneself to this small minority of women that seem perfect in every way.

  5. Dea-A hearty congrats to you at the 3-year mark of blogging! I relate to your sentiments exactly…never have I felt "worthy" of what models were wearing, nor have I wanted to (mostly cause what they were wearing wasn't totally my style). It's through reading blogs and blogging I have discovered a network of woman who feel similarly. And for that I am sincerely grateful, my life more enriched. Especially glad to discover your gem in the blogosphere and will keep enjoying your thoughts and fashion for as long as you're willing.

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