Come and gone

Well, an end of an era is upon me as I devotedly finished all 5 seasons of Friday Night Lights yesterday. It was bitter sweet y’all, I just do not know what I’ll do without my Dillon Panthers and Texan drawl. From the football games (will they or won’t they win state) to Coach Taylor’s marriage with beautiful Tami (who’s turn is it to sacrifice for the family), everything about the show will be missed. I think the reason it appealed to me so much is because it strayed from the typical scandals and double-crossing that often crowd recent reality shows and sitcoms. Rather than plotting characters against one another, this show managed to explore each character’s journey as they maneuvered through life. Personally, I find it more entertaining and thought-provoking to tune in to deep personal exploration rather than keeping up with the……well, you know 😉

ON blouse
Akira skirt
Merona wedges

7 thoughts on “Come and gone

  1. There are so many TV series that are on my Netflix to-watch list. Last one I watched a bunch of episodes of was The Ghost Whisperer. Not the deepest of TV series, but it wasn't filled with unnecessary conflict and drama – plus I always liked seeing what JLH wore. ;o)

  2. That skirt is amazing. I really dig the length on you. Very chic.I love so many shows that just stop and end! WHY?!?!LOL. I get it, they all end sometime, but it doesn't make it any easier…

  3. I was just watching Friday Night Lights last night (season 4 first episode), it's such a hidden gem among many, many great shows on Netflix. But I found as each season passes, the show seemed to get more sinister. I'm still rooting for Tim to go to college, for Landry to play football and for Julie and Matt to be together. I love the skirt you're wearing, it suits you really well.

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