The end of summer

We couldn’t help ourselves and so for the long weekend we headed back up to the nation’s capital. I definitely have an affinity for this city and really do hope we’ll settle down there one day. Playing tourist we explored the monuments and indulged in delicious food at quaint neighborhoods. It definitely felt like the end of summer with September right around the corner, wrapping up the last of our vacation days.

Since I knew we’d be walking around all day battling the heat and humidity, I opted for a loose, black dress and jazzed things up with the accessories. Simple was best while exploring the city on foot for hours, adjusting to the intermittent drizzle. 

Do tell dear friends, how did you spend your long weekend?


5 thoughts on “The end of summer

  1. i love the accessories! looks so comfortable and easy for the trip. i spent the weekend recovering from my trip to nyc. it was much needed! sometimes doing nothing is the best.

  2. S – any trip to NYC is a great one so I hope you were able to unwind accordingly :)Margo – The dress is actually a find at Marshall's. Thanks for your kind words!

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