Party time

To celebrate a dear friend’s birthday I took it upon myself to have a small gathering at our place. The festivities will take place tonight, so during the week I’ve had a list of tasks to complete. While cleaning, straighening up, and grocery shopping I’ve been thinking about how to ensure that our guests have a good time and feel right at home. I’ve also been thinking of the food and the music, the ambiance and what I’ll be wearing! Honestly, this may be our first official hosted soiree so I feel a bit nervous about how everything will come together. As much as I enjoy taking in the decor amazingness that some talented bloggers are able to create while party planning, my reach extends to hiding the clutter and ensuring there’s plenty of wine in stock đŸ™‚


anthropologie lundin links sweater
anthropologie sun-stitched skirt
seychelles you started somethin’
I introduce to you the latest addition to the shoe collection. I had initially ordered the Verbena Heels from Anthropologie but they ended up too pink for my taste. A quick search on Endless led me to a color palette more fitting for what I had in mind.

5 thoughts on “Party time

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