A happy ending

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my latest Anthro sale acquisitions here but spoke prematurely because days later after placing an online order, I received the dreadful “Order update: cancelled items” email. It was an especially frustrating experience because I had called CS earlier to ensure the items would be shipped. I communicated with an overly-confident lad who assured me the items would ship soon and I need not worry or try to find the items via a store search. When the email arrived I was furious and sent a not so friendly email to the Anthro team. Turns out, Anthro has started a new system the online and store inventories have merged to be accessible online. This means that if an item is no longer online, it’s also not available in any other stores (supposedly). When I initially ordered the items, it took a while to receive a shipping confirmation because they were searching both online and store inventories. The long wait concerned me enough to make the call and it wasn’t until a week later (after placing the order) when I received the cancellation notice. 

Not knowing where else to turn, I approached the all-Anthro-knowing Roxy who suggested I call my local store to complete a store search for the missing item. It worked splendidly and I was able to find the Essential Stripes Dress at a nearby store within the hour. Suffice it to say I am not a happy camper about this new system Anthro has embarked upon. I ended up utilizing the “old” system to access something that was supposedly out of stock. It doesn’t feel like an efficient process since the inventory updates on a weekly basis and items (seasonal ones especially) will take much longer to move through B&Ms. I don’t know about the others, but I definitely did not mind calling around to different stores that may have the sought-after item rather than depending on CS to track things down.

Aside from all the run-around, Anthro delivered and I was happily excited about purchasing this dress that had been on my radar for some time. It was definitely worthwhile and I cherish it even more for almost not having it.


8 thoughts on “A happy ending

  1. i hate that dreaded "cancelled order" email – especially after a long period has lapsed so of course it's no longer available online. i am really happy you found it though! it looks fantastic on you! xox Pphiphisblog.com

  2. I am happy you were able to find the dress. I had ordered the same dress when it went on sale during the 25% off promotion and within days received a cancellation notice. I was frustrated as I had seen the dress on a store sale rack, but held out for my order. Such a frustrating scenario. Great find and the dress looks wonderful on you!

  3. Same thing happened with the turquoise paso fino sandals I ordered…I got a cancellation email waaaay later than necessary. Wish they would keep their inventory more current. So bummed, and I just can't seem to pay 2x on eBay. Consoled myself with the turquoise suede flat sandals that are $8 in store on clearance at Gap, but I will miss the beautiful embroidery. :/

  4. I'm glad you found your dress! I haven't been burnt by the new system yet, but it sounds terrible, I plan on avoiding online purchases at all cost from now on and insisting on being provided store numbers so I can call around myself. I also am not happy that they just snuck those changes in without any announcement. The new system clearly benefits Anthro – the popular items will get sold one way or another, it just takes away the control from the customer 😦 I hope the new system will go away!

  5. This new system sure is confounding. I have a pair of Pilcro crops on the way to me, but finding them was odd. I called CS and was surprised that instead of giving me numbers of stores to call, they were able to take my order right away. I asked the CS rep whether I would be charged for shipping if I ordered through them and she said yes. Instead, I had her give me the numbers of places that still had those crops and decided to do it the old way. I wasn't able to track down the pants, but the sales rep from the store was able to place the order for me with free shipping. I thought the discrepancy was odd, but did not complain about it. Seems like confusions and inconsistencies will continue until this new (and not necessarily improved) system is ironed out.

  6. Sorry to hear all the trouble you had to go threw. But it was worth it because the dress looks amazing on you!! I'm not too sure if I like the new ordering system either. I ordered something a few weeks ago and it was shipped from a store with huge make up stains on it…luckily it came off in the wash but I prefer the things you order on line come from the warehouse….

  7. I too used the old system when I found an item was out of stock on the website and supposedly in stores. It wasn't out of stock in stores when I ran the old store search. That stripey dress is adorable on you and I am glad you were able to track it down!

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