Latest distraction (courtesy of Netflix)

So I know I’m six years behind on this but I have recently discovered Friday Night Lights and suprisingly cannot get enough (may also explain why I haven’t been blogging as frequently). I had heard of the show numerous times but always thought it “wasn’t my thing” or felt more of a family program. But you guys, I’m ridiculously excited about the Panthers football season, the Texan accents are surprisingly appealing and I may or may not have a slight crush on Kyle Chandler for being this manly man who’s a dynamic coach equipped with endearing husbandry skills. I think I enjoy it so much because it really highlights an imperfect but strong marriage between Coach Taylor and wifey. It hones in on all the moral and ethical decisions one deals with in high school and makes me realize over and over again “if I had only known then what I know now..”. I love all the actors who portray these raw, relatable characters, from the geeky kid to the womanizing high school football players, to the religious and hot cheerleader captain. Obviously my high school days were nothing like the show portrays, but the show isn’t about football and teenagers as much as it’s about community, family, a marriage and how people engage with each other. Clearly I’m a fan.

anthropologie stacked petal scoopneck
j crew crinkle chiffon skirt & bangle
clarks sky pocomo wedges

8 thoughts on “Latest distraction (courtesy of Netflix)

  1. I've never seen the TV show but I think you'll be slightly jealous to hear that I know Kyle…..not well but he married a very good friend of a very good friend of mine. I've known his wife for over 20 years. He's as charming, cute, and nice in real life as he appears on TV.

  2. I heart FNL! I resisted for a whole season and then when I watched, I was completely hooked. P.S. I love your outfits! You are able to pull off outfits effortlessly and I'm jealous in a good way.Mint Chutney

  3. Dea, you look adorable! And I have to admit, I too had dismissed FNL as "not my thing," (especially since my 2 fave TV shows ever are The West Wing and Northern Exposure – both a pretty far cry from how I perceived FNL), but maybe I need to check it out.You look adorable as always!

  4. i haven't yet watched FNL but have heard wonderful reviews about it and the acting. i'll definitely have to watch look adorable! the colour of your skirt is so fun. xox

  5. I am IN LOVE with that skirt on you! I never watched FNL when it was on air, so I too will be sucked into a marathon one of these days. My friend actually got a walk-on part in one of the last season's episodes since it's filmed near here. I helped style her for her "audition". Apparently, it was a home run 🙂 Have fun with it!

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