My suprising Anthro sale haul

For some time now I haven’t been very drawn towards Anthro’s recent offerings. Here and there I find something appealing, but the last couple of purchases have been a pair of dotted gray skinnies and a chunky necklace. Unique enough that couldn’t be replicated elsewhere, and that’s what I’ve been missing from Anthro for some time. When I started this blog almost 3 years ago (oh my where does the time go) Anthropologie was my store of inspiration and quickly monopolized my generously-sized closet. Whether it’s been due to personal taste, lifestyle changes or simply an obvious stylistic turn from the brand, for the last couple of years I’ve gently moved away from the store for inspiration and have turned to a conglomoration of external and internal influences for personal style.

That’s why I was so surprised with myself when purchasing multiple items from the store in the last couple of days. On Friday I made a quick dash to my local store for a return, and half-heartedly made my way towards the back of the store and into the sale room. While sifting through the racks I stumbled upon two unexpected finds I was definitely not looking for:

                                  Obscured Window Pullover

This top was one of those “classic Anthro” pieces that can be worn today or three years from now and still appear current. Versatile and comfortable, I took a chance by taking it home for better exploration. The teardrop cutout made me hesitant at first, but I layered a gray tank top underneath and backside decency was restored.

                                     Hibiscus Dare Midi Dress

I first spotted this dress on the lovely Slastena here and realized that I had never noticed it before. Once I recognized the dress hanging by its lonesome and in my size, I took it with because hey, I’ll experiment with a $30 Anthro dress 🙂 Once home I tried it in front of Dr. Love and his first words were: “Are you sure you’re wearing that correctly? Looks like it’s backwards”. To be fair, that was one of my thoughts as well upon looking in the mirror, but there’s something about it that makes me not want to return it. Perhaps it’s the large floral print that I don’t usually wear, the sleeve slits, or the uneven hemline, but one thing is for certain: there’s a lot going on with this dress.

This weekend we made an impromptu trip to DC (more on that later) and I sneakily got us in the Georgetown store. Enamored with its double-floors and beautiful design, I surprised myself by reaching for this little green gem:

I didn’t think I’d purchase anything from Anthro’s secret promotion on selected items, but once I tried on this magical piece, I reconsidered. It’s surprisingly already back to full price now but if it does make it back to sale I highly recommend. I had been keeping my eye on finding a work-appropriate dress that wasn’t too conservative in color and style and also wasn’t looking for something overtly summeresque (floral, stripes, or bold colors). The term “flattering” appears on almost every review related to this dress, so no need for redundancy here.
This morning’s sale was a great surprise due to the day it unfolded and it’s magnitude (for a full list of sale items check out Roxy’s list here). Quickly scrolling through I told myself that nothing was missing from what I already owned, but upon closer inspection, these little fingers managed to clickity click their way to checkout and added the following to the shopping bag:

                                    Essential Stripes Dress

                                           Paso Fino Sandals

Both had been added to my wishlist months ago so their current price point made them viable candidates for the taking. I’m especially excited about the dress!

So, do tell: did anyone else who’s been lukewarm about Anthro recently adjusted their stance and took a jump in the sale pool??


4 thoughts on “My suprising Anthro sale haul

  1. I haven't bought any Anthro in a long time either – if I like the print, I don't like the style, and vice versa. I did find a few dresses today but didn't pull the trigger bc I just wasn't a 100%. I've been more inclined towards J Crew and the "new" Gap lately, with a little Zara thrown in. I did order the Paso Fino sandals in turquoise though. I have so many neutral sandals that these looked fun. New reader here, but I enjoy your blog!

  2. phiphis blog- yes, anthro on sale is much more enjoyable in my opinion!caroline- welcome and thanks for stopping by! While I relate to the J Crew appeal, haven't yet bitten on Gap and Zara as much. Must explore further 🙂

  3. Thought I'd pass on the LOFT dobby striped trench. Picked it up tonight (40% off through Sunday), and it is so gorgeous IRL. Gigi goes shopping & the Chloe Conspiracy have reviewed it, but I was still impressed by how much I loved it and how well it fit, as well as the stellar quality…and only $88 after the discount! I had to go to a b&m since my size is sold out online. Thought I'd pass it on!

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