the right way

“One must always be seen to do the right thing”. 

I found this quote in my current book club selection and it got me thinking. What’s my motivation for the actions I take and the words I choose to communicate? Is it unspoken societal pressure and environmental expectations of how I should conduct myself, or is it a reflection time and time again, of what feels right? Who am I kidding, there are more times then I care to admit when words fly out of my mouth without first passing through that invisible filter (you know the one ;)) or in a rush I act out against my better judgement. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a bit of everything: there are times when I have the ability to truly be thoughtful and present in my delivery, other times when I know what’s expected of me and my delivery, and sprinkled colorfully are those special moments when spontaneity can bring forth both my finest and unmentionable moments. 

starry night blouse via belks
anthropologie million pleats midi 
mossimo wedges via target
atl bracelef

6 thoughts on “the right way

  1. It's funny that you write about this, as I've been working quite a lot on being more consciously aware of how I speak. It's incredibly hard – so much of how we speak is just built off of years – in my case, decades – of habit. I love that top – so cute!

  2. To keep it simple, I just make sure the words coming out of my mouth, especially those directed at my kids, DO NOT sound like my mother! That's what I can manage..:) You look amazing, as always! Love how you tied the bow off center. I've gotta try that next time.

  3. thatdamngreendress – I love this color combo as well and should try it again soon.carol – bravo for making an effort to pay attention to your ways because it sure ain't easy. feel that as i get older i pay more attention to my behavior and how i'm coming across.phiphis blog – aww thanks, I adore this skirt :)molly – oh dear, what you just mentioned is what i fear when that time in my life comes!

  4. Pretty colors, pink & navy ❤ I wore a similar outfit to work last week, 🙂 the stars make the top super cute. I really love to get better in thinking b4 actually saying something, as you said the word & phrase choice is important. As Carole said, it's difficult to change our old habits though.

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