Work it

Sometimes in the morning as I’m getting ready for the day, I have the hardest time figuring out what to put on exactly. I’m drawn to many things that envoke questionable thoughts about the appropriateness factor. Is the neckace too much? Are the pants too form-fitting for the office? Is that color/print too bold? Although in the fashion world, or for little birds like me, the blogosphere, the concept of personal style is accepting of a wide array of options, it can be difficult to transport that mindset in environments equipped in grays, blacks, and plain. See where I’m going with this? I have a fear of standing out too much based on what I wear. I sometimes worry I’m being judged on my attire rather than my work. Anyone else feel this way?

    j crew silk polka-dot tee
   anthro with a bow crops
j crew monotone beaded necklace
 anthro anticipation heels

6 thoughts on “Work it

  1. Cute pants!!! Honestly, I probably judge people by what their wearing to work. I look at some people and wonder how they think wearing flip flops to a professional building or even a COURTROOM (even if they are "dressier-if that's such a thing) is acceptable. I wonder if they are that laid back with their work, too. On the flip side, if someone shows care in how they put themselves together, I tend to feel like that's probably reflected in their work, too. I get that some jobs allow the flexibility in dressing but there's a certain time and place for everything. Just my two cents!

  2. Something about bright blue pants around the 4th of July…I wore my With a Bow Crops the other day too! I love them, and they look stunning on you! I could basically recreate this entire outfit since I own everything but the top, though i'd buy it in a hot second if it were current! Your style is inherent. Transcendent. I've always thought so. Keep on keeping on, lady!

  3. Love the dots + cropped pants! Great look on you. Dressing for work always does feel a little more complicated, all–of course—varying hugely by environment. Working for a public school with preschoolers, I'm sure I could dress more casually…but then would I feel as put together? Would I look as mature to parents, most of whom are older than me? Are my colorful pants taking away from a professional image? Mostly I feel that, as long as I'm pulled together and able to do my job without any inappropriate wardrobe malfunctions…it'll all be okay. 😉 Dressing up more than that is just for fun.

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