The other day my friend and I were talking about our shopping habits and eventually came to the shared conclusion that as much as we try to stay financially responsible, the inevitable occurs and we end up at Anthropologie. Now I know that you can try to be the smart shopper by only purchasing sale items or waiting around for that third markdown to come through, but every once in a while, we give in. Take these pants for example: They were never on my radar but one look at a wooden, round table in my local b&m and I’m dashing to the fitting room with a pair in my hands. The end result is my discovery of what AG Stevies are all about and being one step further towards polka dot madness. Pant shopping is never a fun task for me, something about finding the right proportions that inclusively flatter the bum, thighs, and hips has always been a tasking challenge. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the pants that cost more that end up getting the job done, no matter how creative I become at avoiding this predicament in an attempt to save money. I’ve finally realized to just invest in pants that flatter and put my mind at ease!
gap tee/anthropologie AG polka dot ankle stevie/me too sandals/anthropologie stormy seas necklace

18 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. What a great summer outfit! I absolutely agree with you – jeans is one item worth splurging on. I discovered AG stevies last winter and they are my new favorite. I have the green ones and the purples ones and they both get quite a bit of wear. This polka dot version is so pretty!

  2. I kept hearing about the wonders of AG stevies but didn't think it was worth investigating, UNTIIL I put them on and wow, so soft and comfy! Pants can make me feel self-conscious at times so when I find a pair that doesn't invoke feelings of "big thighs big bum" I'm sold!!

  3. Big and Dea should not even be in the same sentence together, ever! You have the cutest figure! I am loving this combination and since I already own the pants and just picked up the teal fluttter hem tee this morning…well…tada! I'm going to have to copy!

  4. so cute with the simple tee too- it feels so good when you can find something that approximates that effortless cool of those well-dressed "perfect people"! Sometimes you can magically accomplish it on the cheap with the right pieces, but other times it really takes the investment in well-cut clothing!(hee hee…I must admit to having caved on some AGs this spring, but got lucky on capturing some on sale… however you know polka dots rarely make it to sale!)

  5. I'm a huge fan of AG denim and the Stevies in particular. They're quite literally one of my favorite-est cuts ever. You look adorable. And I die a little every time I see those polka dot Stevies and walk past them…

  6. So glad you hopped on the Stevie train! They are my GO-TO's, tried and true. Money well spent. They look so fantastic on you, no surprise there! My polka dotties have seen quite a lot of play time as of late. What don't they go with?! Congrats on your new addition. 🙂

  7. Hi Dea – they look fabulous on you! I am tempted – and I'm not a jeans person at all (always dresses!). Did you find they strecthed out a lot by the end of the day, or did they retain their shape well? I have only ever worn boot-cut jeans, so a bit scared to venture into this new territory! Thanks, Marina

  8. Love the polka dots, Dea! I have a pair of yellow ones from C/E and I love them. Even with a t-shirt, like you have styled here, looks so fab because the jeans are AMAZEBALLS. Nice!

  9. Hi Marina. The jeans stretch out a little but don't lose their shape or form. I actually bought them one size smaller because they're sized generously, in my opinion. They would definitely be the best pair of pants to transition to for someone that's into dresses!

  10. I agree, money well spent and no regrets here. At first I wondered how I'd pull off polka dotted pants, but they're subdued and the gray is just the right shade. I can't wait to wear them again 🙂

  11. i just recently realized what all the stevie hype is about also! i bought a green pair off the EA trade market & they are my new favorite pair of jeans EVER! these polka dot ones look fantastic on you!

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